The MP calls on Salvini to be charged with kidnapping for preventing the open arms landing in Europe

The public prosecutor of Palermo on Saturday charged the former Italian interior minister and table leader Matteo Salvini with kidnapping for preventing the landing of 147 migrants in August 2019, who had been rescued with the Open Arms boat near the island of Lampedusa.

The judge in charge of the case, Lorenzo Janelli, will rule on the request on April 17th, after hearing the parties, ending with the ex-minister who again defended his actions by making sure he was acting in accordance with the law .

Palermo attorney Francesco Lo Voi was adamant in his conclusions. “We don’t see how such a case cannot culminate in an accusation. There is nothing in the provisions of government files, as Salvini said, that speaks of the indiscriminate blocking of landings, ”Corriere cited.

The prosecutor is one of the evidence with some letters from former Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who twice asked Salvini to let at least the minors on board because the situation on board had become unbearable. For the public ministry, the letters flatly deny the defendant’s line of defense, who always spoke of an amicable decision against the Open Arms.

For his part, Salvini returned and stated that he felt no remorse for his actions. Am I concerned? Not really. I take pride in protecting my country, respecting the law, awakening Europe and saving lives. If that causes me problems and suffering, I carry them with joy ”, he announced in his appearance in the protected wing of the Ucciardone prison in Palermo.

Also in the last few hours, it was announced that the court accepted the Barcelona Chamber as a criminal complaint in the lawsuit against the former Interior Minister for blocking open arms in the country in 2019.

On Twitter, Barcelona Citizenship and Participation Councilor Marc Serra pointed out that the Catalan capital was part of the charge “because saving lives is not a crime. Let people die at sea, yes ”.

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