New airport: The Greens are calling on the government to exclude the Montijo Airport option

The ecological party “Os Verdes” (ENP) called on the government this Saturday to exclude Montijo from the hypotheses that must be taken into account in the strategic environmental assessment for the future airport.

The request came from a meeting of the National Council of the Greens, held in Lisbon this Saturday, where the Covid-19 vaccination process was analyzed and the National Convention (Congress) was scheduled for May 22nd and 23rd.

According to the communiqué, the ENP is demanding “the government that does not include Montijo as a hypothesis in the strategic environmental assessment” in the construction of the new Lisbon airport.

This environmental review stems from a proposal by the party, approved in the 2021 state budget, reminding the Greens, who consider it “very worrying” that the government insists on the Montijo option, which “has no room to grow” could never be the main airport, and as a complement, it doesn’t solve the problems. “

The “variables” that the ENP considers important for the environmental assessment are “meeting the airport’s needs” and “solving the problem of the airport’s stay in Portela” in Lisbon.

On March 2, the government announced that it would conduct a strategic environmental assessment of three solutions to strengthen airport capacity in Lisbon. Therefore, the Alcochete site was on the table again after the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) rejected the request for a preliminary assessment of the feasibility of the construction of the complementary airport in Montijo, as there was no positive opinion from all the counties concerned, as provided for in the current legislation .

On this day, ANAC will not carry out a prior feasibility assessment for the construction of the complementary airport in Montijo requested by ANA, as there is no positive opinion from all affected municipalities – the Moita and Seixal chambers are against it.

As the MP of the ENP, José Luís Ferreira, had explained in parliament this week the decision of the ANAC to reject the previous appreciation of the new airport in Montijo, the National Council believed that a year and a half had been lost November 2019 it was made aware by the Greens that the regulator had no choice but to “reject”.

At the meeting this Saturday, the ENP reiterated its commitment to the United Democratic Coalition (CDU) with the PCP and criticized PS, PSD, CDS, PAN, Chega and the Liberal Initiative for not making a proposal in parliament to replace the extinct communities had refused.

The Greens will hold their national congress in Lisbon on May 22nd and 23rd this year and approve an amendment to the regulation, which will be brought into line with the health plan of the Health Directorate-General due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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