Carla Castelo, ex-journalist, running for Oeiras | Local authorities

“Live, I’m Carla Castelo, I’m 50 years old and I’ve been living in the municipality of Oeiras for more than 20 years,” said the former SIC journalist, who specializes in environmental issues, with this sentence on this Sunday morning after Oeirenses and was ready to to run for the council, which Isaltino Morais re-chaired in 2017. Against the “growing lack of democratic culture” and the “disregard for natural values”, Carla Castelo believed that the first step had been taken “For an arduous and complex journey”.

“A lot of people have encouraged me to take this step. I simply and humbly say to these citizens from different parts of the community, ages, and social backgrounds that they can count on me. Today we are taking a small step with you towards an arduous and complex journey, ”said the journalist in Caxias. “If we stand still, we won’t get anywhere,” he added.

Carla Castelo has been involved in journalism for 28 years, specializing in topics such as the environment and land use. “During the whole time I dealt intensively with the ecological and social reality of the country. I’ve had the opportunity to study countless questions and always try to see the different angles and listen to the different sides of each question, ”he explained, concluding that his view of the planet and the country in which he lives , enriched by professional experience.

He acknowledged that Oeiras is a community with great potential and skilled workers, whose territory extends from the mountains to the sea and which deserves innovative politics and quality of life. “I cannot be satisfied with the city administration, which insists on building more mega-companies, waterproofing floors, mobility with private cars, disregard for natural values ​​and a lack of risk prevention,” he defended.

“In addition, there is a growing lack of democratic culture, engagement and listening to the population. A culture of arrogance and arrogance, excluding ideas and refusing to accept criticism, was introduced, ”he added, without referring to the current president.

Carla Castelo used World Tree and Forests Day, World Poetry Day and International Day of the Struggle for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to announce that she is available to “run a candidacy with independent citizens open to all political forces is really democratic ”.

“I’m committed and eager to work with anyone who wants to do Evoluir Oeiras,” she concluded.

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