The statements of the ANA President that border on the violation Opinion

An interview will be presented to the President of ANA in the PUBLIC on March 18, the content of which, in my opinion, touches on the violation.

This time, he didn’t just confine himself to misinformation about the process of the supplementary airport in Montijo. He went on and explained: “There are some people, like the former President of LNEC Matias Ramos, who discuss this question of costs in a quixotic way (…) but have never built an airport or Lego.”

Strange way to intervene. My résumé speaks for itself. It is transparent and based on a professional activity backed by research, studies and projects that I have had the pleasure and honor to coordinate or collaborate with. The positions I held were either by election (president) or by invitation and not because I belong to certain groups. Due to public tenders, I reached the top of my research career. I am the author or co-author of several books and technical memoirs, of more than a hundred articles at national and international congresses, and of fifty studies and projects of important infrastructures at home and abroad.

I always had one concern. To fulfill the functions entrusted to me in the public service with loyalty. I have always done it with the aim of defending the interests of the institution I served and those of the country, and never in the personal or group interest. I have always been recognized as a peer and chosen as an elected member of the Engineering Academy.

In my work as a consultant, I have participated in major projects at home and abroad. Therefore, I do not accept communications from Dr. Luís Arnaut. His statement that I never “built an airport or Lego” and that my interventions were “quixotic” clearly shows the intention of the President of ANA to discredit them as there are no serious and legitimate arguments to defend his views on the contrary positions defend.

I am sorry that Dr. Luís Arnaut has decided to be personally insulted and to attack my professional dignity, and has again taken refuge in statements without known documentary support. Make these documents available as they cannot be a state secret.

As for Lego, I would like to inform you that my parents had to emigrate. I never had a Lego or anything like that. I had an academic path with the support of people I will not forget and the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Scholarship which allowed me to get where I arrived. I always tried to be honest, pragmatic and not “quixotic”. I have always followed the motto: “Anything can be achieved with perseverance”. What I have achieved has always been transparent and with civic behavior that I am proud of.

I am sorry that Dr. Luís Arnaut decided on a personal insult and attacked my professional dignity and again sought refuge in statements without known documentary support (studies, projects). It has always avoided direct confrontation. Make these documents available as they should not be a state secret.

Dr. Luís Arnaut cannot claim that he is unaware of the report prepared by NAER / ANA international consultants, which is part of one of ANA’s master plans. This report contains the construction cost estimates for the new Lisbon Airport at Campo de Tiro de Alcochete (CTA). The costs presented in this study are 1.9 billion euros. It corresponds to the final solution with two independent lanes with a length of 4000 meters and a capacity of 100 movements per hour.

Therefore, it is not a project comparable to what ANA intends in Montijo. Nothing prevents CTA from starting with a minimalist solution with a single track construction and earth and air facilities similar to those of Montijo. It would have been possible to make a serious comparison between these two solutions. It only makes sense to compare what is comparable. You can’t compare a Ferrari to a commercial vehicle.

According to the President of ANA, the construction time for the airport in CTA will be eight years. In the company he manages documents that define the deadline for the solution in the CTA with two references as five years.

I assume that this statement is based on the three additional years of “mine clearance” that you mentioned in several interviews and that I slightly dismantled in a recent article (Expresso, March 12).

I want the President of ANA to justify the BA6 concept of “recycling”. Building the airport on BA6 will not take up much more than the space. I’ve explained this in previous articles. Show that this is not a “technical” position but a “quixotic” position.

His statements were always in the form of a sermon, without serious contradiction, or in events promoted by ANA with eye-catching PowerPoints and videos that are nothing more than mere marketing.

An example of this ongoing situation by Dr. Arnaut’s refusal to face the contradiction. We were both invited to speak at a meeting at the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon on December 19, 2019, to discuss the subject of Lisbon Airport. I soon accepted it. The President of ANA was not present. What are you afraid of?

Avoiding the enemy is a sign of uncertainty. Out of debt, out of danger!

The author writes according to the new orthographic convention

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