The Problem of Freemasonry in Democratic Political Life Opinion

The current discussion was stimulated by an original PAN proposal and another PSD proposal which, with varying degrees of commitment, implied the revelation of the quality of Freemasonry members in political life. Both are poorly made, overloaded and, in the case of the PSD, mix due to a Solomonic obsession that goes through liberation, Opus Dei and Freemasonry. Both organizations can achieve similar political effects in the context of clientelism and sponsorship, but differ in their creation and working methods and differ mainly in the way they deal with secrecy, the most important aspect for the organization’s current discussion. Moreover, Freemasonry essentially intervenes for its members, their affinities and “fraternities” without collective command, although there is a hierarchy of degrees, and Opus Dei intervenes today in public life, what its role in financial institutions and in The business world affects in addition to the presence that is not unique in the Church, in educational institutions.

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