Jorge Jesus admits a return to a formula that didn’t win National Football

The day after the FC Porto game in Portimão and Sporting host V. Guimarães, Sp. Braga and Benfica face each other for the third time this season in a confrontation in which the “incarnated” come under more pressure: A defeat leaves the “Adler” to five points of the “Arsenalistas” and you can place FC Porto at six points of distance.

In previewing the game, Carlos Carvalhal guaranteed that Sp. Braga “does not adapt to the opponents”, while Jorge Jesus admitted that betting on the formation is not part of his “story” and the return to the scheme of the three central defenders, a formula that has yet to guarantee Benfica fans triumph this season.

After Carvalhal and Jesus fought for the championship in November at the Estádio da Luz and for the League Cup in January at the Estádio Municipal de Leira – Sp.Braga won both games – they will duel in Minho, where there is very little room for maneuver Mistake for both coaches.

However, the Braga coach, who was the first Sp. Braga coach to beat Benfica three times in the same season, devalued the story between the two clubs: “The past is worth zero. This is for museums. Every game depends on the attitude of the players, concentration and emotional control. And that affects every game. “

With the “prospect of a great game” between “two good teams, very well organized and with defined game ideas”, Carvalhal praised the “brave” rival who is “on an upward curve”, but assured that Sp. Braga “put yours Play through “without conditioning your strategy with the name of the opponent:” Depending on the opponent, we do not deviate by a millimeter. We do not adapt. We try to make our headquarters more efficient. We prepare well and know what Benfica can do. We are in the mood to win. “

If Carvalhal doesn’t get a chance to change the game model to face Benfica, Jesus admits that the Braga duel could dictate his team’s return to the formula of three central. After saying that Jan Vertonghen’s injury “made it easier [Lucas] Veríssimo ”, he recalled, that his team“ have not conceded any goals in the last few games ”. Reasons? “Defensive stability had to do with Lucas coming in and improving the team on the training level.”

After the Belgian team’s usual captain recovered, Jesus admitted Vertonghen’s return to the title, playing the Belgian alongside Otamendi and Veríssimo. “It is a possibility that can be asked. It is neither the first nor the second nor the third [vez]. We have already played four games like this this year. You didn’t notice it, it was camouflaged. When you play Vertonghen, Otamendi and Lucas it’s easy to see that there are three defenders in the center aisle, but we’ve already played like that this year. And of those three they only played two … in the dragon game. “

In addition to the duel against FC Porto (1: 1), in which the Benfica headquarters played “camouflaged”, Jesus used the defeat against Sporting in Alvalade (0: 1) and in the formula of the defense trio in the central zone the formula the double confrontation with Arsenal in the Europa League: draw (1-1) and defeat (2-3).

Aside from tactical questions, Jorge Jesus also spoke about one of the topics currently being discussed in Benfica: training. For the trainer, “this question of training is important to determine if newspapers are being sold,” but immediately afterwards he wasn’t shy to realize that this is not an aspect that will remain in his curriculum as a trainer: “is in practice this not my track record. “

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