How many patients can be admitted to hospitals in a week? | Covid-19

How predictions are made

The estimates below are based on infection data released last Thursday by the Directorate-General for Health and take into account two scenarios of the course of the infection by analyzing the sensitivity of the variation in Rt (transmission index). The optimistic scenario is based on a reduction in RT by 2% and the pessimistic scenario on an increase in RT by 2%. The calculations were made using the Adapttt – Surge Planning Tool, developed by the Portuguese Association of Administrators Hospitalares and Global Intelligent Technologies in collaboration with the World Health Organization. The figures presented relate to the forecast of resource consumption on March 26th.

Forecast of personnel requirements on March 26th …

Preliminary data based on information available on March 18th. Estimates for March 26th with the prospect of an Rt development of +/- 2% – optimistic and pessimistic scenario. From ARS


Human resources by region

Forecasts for March 26th with the prospect of a +/- 2% increase in Rt.

Preliminary data based on information available for mainland Portugal on March 18

About 7% of the “Covid patients” have to be hospitalized

16% of hospital patients require an intensive care unit


Average length of hospital stay

On average, patients in the intensive care unit with mechanical ventilation remain in this situation for 21 days

Average delay in days (out)

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