The Liberals are counting on Bruno Horta Soares to run local elections in the Lisbon Chamber

The liberal initiative will appoint Bruno Horta Soares to the Lisbon Chamber after Miguel Quintas abandoned participation in the municipal race. The news was brought forward by the observer on Thursday evening after the party posted a billboard in Campo Pequeno, meaning the candidate has already been selected, but with no further revelations.

The name of the advisor Bruno Horta Soares (41) is due to be confirmed this Saturday in a plenary session in the heart of Lisbon, to which the candidate belongs.

The party’s founder is the second choice for the country’s first self-sufficiency after Miguel Quintas gave up running and cited personal reasons.

The candidate for the Liberal Initiative in Lisbon is married and has three children. He has a degree in computer science and business management and started his professional career at Deloitte Consulting. His résumé includes a job in information risk management at KPMG. He is currently visiting professor at the ISCAC Business School Coimbra.

In the race to Lisbon, the party holds lawyer Ana Pedroso Augusto in second place on the list. The former vice-president of the Aliança party was invited by the President of the IL, João Cotrim de Figueiredo, and her name was never questioned when Miguel Quintas left.

On Monday, in an interview with the Polígrafo at SIC, Cotrim de Figueiredo opened the veil a little over the candidate for Lisbon and confirmed that he has been in the party since its inception. “An excellent candidate, strong, with a lot of energy and the ability to sell liberal ideas in Lisbon. It will work very well, ”said João Cotrim de Figueiredo.

The Liberal Initiative has planned a National Council for the last Saturday in March that will ratify the name of the candidate for Lisbon as well as the candidacies for the remaining municipalities in the country.

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