The journeys that feed us Chronicle

The other day I went on one of the biggest trips of my last few weeks: I walked halfway through Lisbon and entered the Word of Traveler bookstore. I hadn’t been to one of these temples in a while, and I confess, in these travel-hungry seasons, I felt like a sugar-starved kid in a candy store: the whole world was surrounding me with books and more books and more books. Thousands of travelers with their adventures and routes, their searches and experiences, successes and failures, their memories. An entire past lived and waited to be shared to serve as inspiration. so many worlds united in one house, the home of Ana Coelho’s books. But I didn’t go to “his” books to get a sentence that traveled me. Between a few conversations from travelers – we already know that when one trip says trip, the other trip and a half – Ana told me that she had managed to go to one of her favorites even before the declaration of the pandemic that was stopping us all Travel Destinations, Saint Petersburg. And at one point he said to me: “This city has fed me all year round, I have lived a lot at the expense of the memories of this trip.”

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