Gouveia opens environmental route to celebrate World Tree Day Guard

The municipality of Gouveia in the Guarda district celebrates World Tree Day, which will be celebrated on Sunday, March 21, with the inauguration of an environmental route with an extension of 13 kilometers.

According to the municipality of Gouveia, the pedestrian path “PR5 – Rota Ambiental do Vale de Cadela” with a circular route is a suggestion for hikers to “discover the rich local biodiversity”.

“Starting in Bosque do Curral do Negro, the path is accompanied by a series of information boards that allow a brief interpretation of the local biodiversity in four moments. After the Tapada de Santa Cruz, the route to Mata da Câmara leads to the entrance to the urban perimeter of the city, ”explains the municipality.

The route then heads towards Mata da Cerca dos Marqueses and Burrachota, where the Gouveia Ecological Park and the Center for Ecology, Restoration and Monitoring of Wildlife (CERVAS) are installed.

The Vale de Cadela Environmental Route can be done in groups or individually.

It is part of the urban network of pedestrian walkways of the municipality of Gouveia and was taken into account in its conception in collaboration with CERVAS, the ECOCIDADANIA project of the GAF – Grupo Aprender em Festa and the Senior University of Gouveia.

The new pedestrian path, which will open on Sunday, will be available on the Gouveia Municipality website and at the Tourist Office “with all the information about the path such as difficulty, distance, altitude and tourist information”.

The municipality of Gouveia also marks World Tree Day with two symbolic plantations and the dissemination of the work carried out as part of the “This is our tree … which one is yours?” Initiative.

The works published as part of this artistic challenge, addressed by the Municipality of Gouveia, Go Romaria and GAF ​​to all the students in the group of schools in Gouveia, will be published on the municipality’s social networks.

For safety reasons, due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, personal activities on World Tree Day are restricted to representatives of local bodies and include the realization of a section of the pedestrian route that will depart from the Curral do Negro Picnic Park towards the Ecological Park of Gouveia, the culminates in the symbolic planting of trees of three native species.

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