The Paris community is 150 years old: People’s democracy lasted 72 days of history

On March 18, 1871, 150 years ago today, the Parisians rebelled against their government. For 72 days, the capital of France belonged to the Commune, which many historians regarded as the first example of a people’s government made up predominantly of workers. The revolution or insurrection would, in the view, end a bloodbath and end the first modern experience of direct democracy. The Paris Commune seems too distant to us today, as do the political and social reasons that led to this fleeting independence from Paris. But a century and a half later, there is at least one similarity that we cannot and should not ignore: the dissatisfaction of citizens with the institutions that govern them. At a time when representative democracy is going through a global crisis of confidence that has only exacerbated the pandemic, is it finally time to look at other forms of democracy?

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