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The falsehoods of the PRA-Alto do Restelo plan

The way the Lisbon City Council (CML) is launching the Restelo Affordable Income Plan reflected in your news of the public debate on the 15th is full of false statements that are changing the perception of what it is about (the Impact that the planned construction work would have in the community).

Let’s look at two of the main falsehoods:

1) The City Council says, “These projects that we are discussing do not in any way affect the spaces already built or the way people live.” How can it not be the construction of 8 residential buildings for more than two thousand people along with a number of other planned resources , including supermarkets, bother?

2) The message says, “About a thousand new residents”. Allegedly between 950 and 1000, according to the city council. The presentation of the CML itself shows that the expected increase in the population is from 1311 to 2558. Considering that the scope of the plan is part of an area that corresponds to only part of the old parish of São Francisco Xavier (which corresponds to a total of about 8,000 inhabitants), this increase corresponds to an increase of 25% in the old parish and the population of the one in question Quarter by (estimated) around 40%.

The plan in its current form would have a huge impact on the community and should be revised with regard to the number of fires to be made available.

João Silva, Lisbon

The real superheroes

As part of the schoolwork, my daughter drew an imaginary superhero. For me, children and young people were the real heroes of this pandemic. Trapped at home by hypochondriac parents and incompetent politicians who have been blinded by distance learning, they have suffered from anxiety, depression, loneliness and eating disorders. The consequences of fears in adults resulting from the impairment of the physical and mental health of children and adolescents are only assessed in the medium and long term. It’s up to me to appeal to your superpowers so you can get back to school quickly, study, socialize, live together, share food with friends, or play in a playground.

Emanuel Caetano, Ermesinde

Vaccination in neutral

The already known numbers about the use of the vaccination plan in Portugal against Covid-19 show gloomy prospects. The public health goals set by the DGS for the first phase of the vaccination campaign were not achieved. Certainly because of the proven lack of vaccines, but at the same time because the priorities set out in the plan were ignored or simply ignored. After nearly all of the vaccines received (approximately 1.2 million doses) were depleted, only 47.3% of a universe of 670,000 people over the age of 80 received the first of the two expected doses.

Among people between the ages of 50 and 79 and with associated serious pathologies (it is estimated that in a total of 400,000 people) the group of the elderly (over 65 years of age) was clearly punished: only 3.9% started the vaccination process. To solve this problem, there is nothing like simplifying the rules. Regarding the last vaccine launched in the country, the first recommendation, which aimed to limit its use to people under 65 years of age, would be amended and made available without restrictions to people over 18 years of age, although the European Medicines Agency stressed its effectiveness had not been tested in this population group.

To develop this important “fieldwork” that has been neglected in the trial and clinical trial phase, there is nothing like calling out our most vulnerable elderly. Finally, in the “Table of Contraindications and Precautions”, referring to the same vaccine where it could be read earlier: “Have you had cancer or a disease that affects your immunity?” Immunity? A change that is considered insignificant when it is known that several countries have now suspended its application.

Florêncio Teixeira Gomes, Matosinhos

Loot Portugal

It seems that nothing belongs to us anymore. We were mortgaged. We were sold by the vendors of the system, mostly paid by all of us.

The current IT boss, Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, came to the television screens and claimed that the sale of the six dams on the Douro to the French company Engie had gone as smoothly as possible and could continue. But with profits for whom?

José Amaral Restaurant Reviews, Vila Nova de Gaia

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