Letters to the director’s opinion

Spring came early

The question is whether it will stay here. I live half-walled with a kindergarten and couldn’t have had better neighbors. I got used to the noise of the boys during the breaks. We integrate these noises into our daily life and noise becomes part of our comfort. Well, yesterday, at the end of the months, the birds filled my ears and my soul again. But they also gave me a good measure of that gray bitterness that we are immersed in. Will it end? Yes I think so! But it will end with progress and withdrawals. For all of us and especially for this flock of sparrows that inhabit my daily life and that returned yesterday in anticipation of spring.

José Pombal Restaurant Reviews, Vila Nova de Gaia

What about vaccination?

The case is with the administration of vaccines. Televisions are the rare day that it doesn’t advertise that 80+ users, as in my case, have the preference. I think that from words or promises to reality goes the space in which deception is housed. In this situation I know several gerontes in the municipality of Rio de Mouro, including myself, who have not yet been vaccinated and are suspended in a waiting situation. It is for this reason that the alarm is being raised here about this anomaly that requires the urgency to vaccinate this class of elderly people.

Artur Gonçalves, Sintra

Disqualified report

I refer to your article of March 13th, 2021 “The turbulent roads to the rule of law” by the journalist Nuno Ribeiro, in which I appreciated the calm and dispassionate style. For the sake of rigor, I will only allow myself to make a few reflections and comments that I think are of interest in order to better contextualize the facts at this difficult time: In the “hot summer” of 75, I was an aspiring militiaman to the Compulsory military service in the regiment of the Military Police – or Lanceiros 2 – and I remember with emotion the intense atmosphere that lived in this unit, which (as part of Copcon) was tasked with maintaining peace and order 24 hours a day to create the greater Lisbon area and the surrounding area due to lack of violence or obligation of civil authorities Although I sometimes stay on consecutive days without leaving the barracks walls or the streets of Lisbon, I have never seen or heard of the abuse or “practices” allegedly practiced in our unit, and now – after I have Has been “disqualified”. – becomes a false historical reality. In fact, your article is – correctly – written in a dubious tone: “You have been questioned, etc., etc.” Yes, I had heard of these infamies 45 years ago, along with other rumors and defamations that the power then prevailed intended to start the military defeated in November, but, let me know, none of them have ever been tried and even less convicted for such “crimes.” In this way, the winners restore history. Marcelino da Mata ”and its aftermath, the question of what role the MRPP played in this matter remains unanswered, as the“ victim ”of Copcon went from the“ arm ”within a few days and his status according to the political focus of each analyst.

Finally, the slight controversy that Irene Flunser Pimentel led in the PUBLIC on December 4th and 5th, 2020, will come to light. In 1975 she was a member of the command regiment. And twice.

Manuel Filipe Fernandes, Paço de Arcos

Colonial War – Financial Reflexes

The 60 years of colonial war that are being marked continue to be a difficult, if not impossible, topic. To reinforce memories of those early days, let us recall that there was a run on the banks, at least in Lisbon. About Caixa Geral de Depósitos, where I worked at the time, I can say that I had direct knowledge, as the censors silenced such unpleasant news.

However, some consequences were far from being in the public domain. The country’s financial situation in relation to foreign exchange was affected, which prompted the Treasury Department to take appropriate measures, including contacting CGD as a public bank. And the truth is, we got the news that CGD would receive a deposit of 500,000 accounts from a transfer (in dollars) from a private company.

This matter was handled “with tweezers” that very few employees were aware of. The deposit was tied to the price of gold and remained so for many years. At some point the price of gold began to rise and one of the administrators, as far as the minister knew, went to Zurich to consider the possibility of a purchase, but there was no agreement.

Raul da Silva Pereira, Lisbon

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