Guterres calls for a UN contingency plan to address violence against women inequality

The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, appealed this Monday to the member countries of the organization to approve an emergency plan on violence against women and girls.

“We have to give the cards again at all costs and change the software,” said the former Portuguese Prime Minister at the opening of the 65th session of the UN Commission on the State of Women in which he defended the Covid. 19 pandemic. Problems exacerbated further, such as loss of work by women, sexual abuse and child marriage.

The Secretary General, a candidate for a second term at the helm of the United Nations, called on the 193 member countries of the organization to “adopt an emergency intervention plan (…) to combat violence against women and girls”. Covid-19, Guterres said, “gave men one more opportunity to monopolize decision-making.”

“And we are spending billions of dollars on weapons that do not protect us while neglecting the violence from which one in three women in the world suffers,” Guterres told the commission, whose work will be mainly via video conference until March 26th .

This year’s participants include the North American Vice-President Kamala Harris, the EU Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen as well as ministers from European and South American countries.

According to the AFP, negotiations are ongoing at Commission level to approve a 51-page statement on women’s rights and protection against phenomena such as sexual harassment.

Given the low participation of women in political life, she pointed out that only 22 countries are currently women-led and that current government parity “will not be reached before 2150”.

“You heard well! Another 130 years of male dominance to keep making the same decisions made over the last 130 years, ”he said.

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