Francisco Guerreiro sees no “significant changes” in the PAN with the departure of André Silva | in front of PAN

The MEP, Francisco Guerreiro, elected by the PAN, does not envisage any “major changes” in the party with the departure of André Silva. As with his 2019 parade, Francisco Guerreiro continues to denounce the PAN collage to the PS and criticize André Silva’s legacy.

“There will continue to be a rapprochement with the left, the left parties and the PS and a departure from the ideological line that defined the party that was neither left nor right, but a progressive party,” says Francisco Guerreiro PÚBLICO, who refuses to return to the party: “No. [tenciono voltar]because I don’t see there will be any major changes in the way the party is run and how it runs. “

The MEP says he has “serious doubts” about whether there will be changes in the party to “make it more transparent”, while at the same time criticizing the “shielding” of the statutes, which makes it difficult for new candidates to appear. Therefore, he predicts that the future chairman of the PAN will be someone from the current national political commission and close to André Silva. And according to him, it will be a woman. “I have an idea that it might be a woman. It could be Inês Sousa Real or Bebiana Cunha, but I don’t know which list is presented. “

Francisco Guerreiro also criticizes André Silva’s legacy, pointing out that the PAN has lost votes and people in recent years. On the one hand, the “heyday of the party” took place in the 2019 European elections, in which he was elected with around 5% of the vote. “Since then, the number of followers in social and support networks has declined, and even support for Ana Gomes shows the party’s closeness to the left and the PS,” she stresses, pointing out that support for Ana Gomes has in the president demonstrated by a party “that was unable to get its ideas off the ground” and wondered why this was done without consulting the militants.

On the other hand, many of the people who “built” the party’s victories have already left André Silva’s team – as in the case of Cristina Rodrigues, Sara Martins and themselves. “A sizeable group of very connected people were utterly disagrees with André Silva’s leadership, and that says a lot about his leadership. We have to analyze further to find that, on the contrary, the legacy of André Silva’s leadership was not so positive. “This is why the MEP says that the PAN has become a“ traditional ”party that cannot be“ any other alternative ”to the other national parties.

Francisco Guerreiro left PAN in June 2020, about a year after he was elected Member of the European Parliament, under the shock of André Silva’s leadership. On Sunday the PUBLIC announced that PAN spokesman André Silva would give up leadership of the party, the deputy in the Assembly of the Republic, and return to grassroots status.

As a justification, André Silva, who has been a member of parliament since 2015, said he wanted to “take the paternity trait”, “reconcile private and family life with professional life” and argue that “people should not be immortalized in their positions”.

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