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Almost no one had any doubts that the return to schools would take place on March 15th. Despite a certain lack of consensus among experts and even among the highest political figures in the state, the decision was made.

There is agreement that distance learning is not a substitute for face-to-face teaching, especially at the educational level that reopens before Easter. In distance learning, both formal and informal learning is essential to the healthy development of students. Given these facts and public pressure, the government made its decision!

The government’s expectation and prognosis was that the lack of definition could begin in schools and even before Easter. What surprised me was the fact that I hadn’t seen any preparation for the already more than predictable opening. It’s true that in a pandemic, a month’s decisions are real shots in the dark, but nothing prevents scenarios from being prepared. What needs to be prepared if the pandemic conditions allow and we have to return? Tests, vaccinations, mandatory masks?

A few days before the official announcement, the government had announced an investment of 20 million euros for testing the Covid-19 in all public and private schools and, as the Minister of Health said, was considering including teachers in this first phase of vaccination. In addition, the purchase of masks for students in the 1st cycle was announced.

It is enough for this government to proclaim. The execution is a little “soon to see how”!

Monday, March 15, one year after the first delivery, the personal regimen for daycare, preschool, and the entire 1st cycle will begin again. We are talking about more than half a million teachers / educators and children. We will return with nothing changed. No tests, masks and vaccinations were done as it was one of the few European countries that did not give the teaching profession a priority only when there are vaccines which are known to be too late for everyone.

If the importance of school and the fundamentals of its openness has always been talked about in this pandemic because it is the main socio-economic support, why not consider all possible scenarios so that you do not have to close them all? free place? Since everyone wants, at least those who have the opportunity to comment, why not prepare and plan the return in a structured manner?

Nothing else has been done since the delivery to prepare for schools to reopen and this should be a sign of enormous concern.

However, what you see the most in the press is the deconfiguration scripts and the tips to keep the kids at school from this Monday and then quickly to the wicket for coffee as the hairdresser is scheduled.

Thus, the message is that the return will be gradual and the pipette will not be forwarded.

The author writes according to the new orthographic convention

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