Bishops and Stop Euthanasia Movement applaud the law leadership of TC | euthanasia

The passage of the Medically Assisted Death Act was a “positive sign” given by the judges of the Constitutional Court (TC) in defense of human life and dignity and was viewed as a stop euthanasia movement. The Portuguese Bishops’ Conference (CEP) welcomed the decision and reaffirmed the position of the Catholic Church that “human life is inviolable”.

“The judges of the Constitutional Court gave the Portuguese a positive signal in defense of life and human dignity in all circumstances, under the guidance of the legalization of euthanasia and the ruling on its unconstitutionality,” stressed a statement by the Stop Euthanasia Movement, which ” on behalf of the Portuguese people “welcomed with the decision.

Stop Euthanasia reiterated that “the practice of euthanasia is clearly against the defense of life” and referred to the Humanizar Portugal campaign, which the movement sponsored for two months and aimed at professionals and citizens from different sectors of civil society participated “to raise public opinion on the issue of euthanasia and its obvious unconstitutionality”.

He added, “We know that the practice of euthanasia is clearly opposed to the defense of life. We know that defending life is an important issue for the Portuguese. “Recently, several public figures from the fields of civil society, art, culture, sport, health and law have joined this initiative.

“We had hundreds of participants who put together a very representative sample of civil society,” the movement stressed, stressing that “this was the time to give civil society a voice and visibility, given the possibility that Portugal had a law that legalized euthanasia. ” .

Bishops welcome leadership

The Portuguese Bishops’ Conference (CEP) also welcomed the decision of the Constitutional Court.

“The Bishops’ Conference reaffirms the position of the Church in this whole process and always defends that human life is inviolable. Any legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide always contradicts the affirmation of the dignity of the human person and the constitution of the Portuguese Republic, ”read a CEP statement published on Monday afternoon.

The Church’s position reaffirmed today goes in the opposite direction as that signaled by the TC, which believes that the constitutional inviolability of human life under certain conditions is not an insurmountable obstacle to decriminalizing the expectation of medically assisted death.

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