State of emergency: ATL and study centers for the 1st cycle will reopen on Monday Covid-19

With the reopening of daycare centers, pre-school education and elementary schools on Monday, the centers for activities for family support and curriculum enrichment, activities in leisure centers (ATL), also reopening and study centers – but only for children and students in the age groups that are in day care centers and schools return. The permanence in parks and garden benches is also allowed again from Monday, although the municipalities are empowered to prohibit this under the law regulating the new state of emergency.

Although the new state of emergency does not come into force until Wednesday 17th, “with regard to the measures now laid down, from Monday 15th March the regulation covers two days, 15th and 16th March, which are still under the prior renewal of the state of emergency declared by the Decree of the President of the Republic No. 21-A / 2021 of February 25th “.

According to the document published this Saturday in Diário da República, the decree “continues with permission to stay in parks, gardens, green areas, leisure areas, garden benches and the like, without prejudice to the competence of the mayors of the area council. competent “. According to the decree, it is up to the mayors to” close all public spaces where people are crowded, namely sidewalks, sidewalks, sidewalks and beaches “and” to signal the ban on the use of garden benches, playgrounds and public equipment for Sport (fitness) ”.

Dropper defibrillation

In a press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers on Thursday, Prime Minister António Costa announced a deflation plan that he called a “dropper”.

This plan provides for the reopening of daycare, preschool education and first cycle primary education schools on Monday, as well as family support and curriculum enrichment activities, as well as activities at Recreational Activities Centers (ATL) and study centers – but only for children and students of old age who are expected to return to teaching.

Wicket trading and the opening of facilities such as bookstores and record stores are also permitted.

From Monday, the operation of hairdressing salons, hairdressers and beauty institutes is permitted by prior arrangement, as well as tattoo and body piercing studios (also by arrangement) and massages in beauty salons in compliance with the guidelines set by the DGS.

The plan envisages new phases of reopening on April 5, 19 and May 3. However, António Costa warned that the reopening measures will be revised if Portugal exceeds the “120 new cases per day per hundred thousand inhabitants in 14 days”. or whenever the transmittability index (Rt) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus leading to covid-19 exceeds 1.

Travel between municipalities in mainland Portugal is still prohibited for the majority of the population this weekend and during the following week and Easter week (between March 26th and April 5th), and the home collection requirement will remain in effect until Easter.

However, the ban on travel outside the continental area, implemented by Portuguese citizens in any way, namely by road, rail, air, river or sea, will be without prejudice to the ongoing control of land and river borders repealed applicable ”, it says in the document.

Similar to the regulation of January 29 on the strengthening of human resources in health units, the SNS institutions can “exceptionally enter into contracts with a fixed term of up to one year” for trained doctors other countries with a qualification recognized in Portugal.

Think about the steps for the next few weeks.

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