A break from Paulo Fonseca’s broadcast in Rome Football

Success outdoors with outdated qualifiers in the Europa League and two internal wins with places close to qualifying for the Champions League. This was the Roma’s most recent glow, but Paulo Fonseca’s team has to take a break.

Roma lost 2-0 away to Parma this Sunday and interrupted the last good moment against a team that hadn’t won … 18 games. The team from the Italian capital will not only fail to reach fifth place for the time being, but may even reach Naples with 50 points (Neapolitans will play against AC Milan this Sunday). Parma meanwhile scored a very important win in the consistency reports. He reached 19 points and, while still in the relegation zone, is putting pressure on Turin and Cagliari, teams immediately above.

In Parma, the Portuguese Bruno Alves was a deputy, and from the bench he saw his team from Mihaila at 9 o’clock – they were the man of help.

From here, Rome took over the game. Paulo Fonseca’s team clearly dominated the game and were very successful (there were 12 shots in the first half). The shots were almost unlikely to succeed and real scoring opportunities were a mirage.

The best Roman move didn’t come until after 52 minutes when Edin Dzeko spotted El Shaarawy shooting near the post.

Three minutes later, Parma, who, strangely enough, even controlled the game after the break, was entitled to a penalty. The honor went to Hernâni, who scored the 2-0 and practically “killed” a game that had little Rome at the time – hostage of important names like Mkhitaryan, Smalling, Veretout or Zaniolo.

Lukaku and Martínez save Inter

In a fight already different from that of the Roma is Inter, who continue with eight straight Serie A wins. With a view to the title, the Milan team beat Turin in Turin with 1: 2 and increased the advantage points to seven to seven. AC Milan – Difference that can be blurred in Milan-Naples this Sunday. Not only do Turin not leave the relegation zone, but they also watch Parma approach – they are separated by a point.

In Turin, Inter controlled the game without being particularly dangerous. He shot very few and the best chance of scoring in the first half even went to Turin’s Lukic.

Inter’s goal came after 62 minutes from a Romelu Lukaku penalty – there have already been 25 goals in the season.

Antonio Sanabria moved for Turin shortly afterwards, but Inter are always close to victory even without a great game – let alone because they named strikers Lukaku and Martínez.

The Belgian had already scored the first goal, Martínez scored the second goal at 86 ‘and headed a ball crossed by Alexis. The Argentine returned to prove that even at just 1.74m he has huge headgear advantages.

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