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Who’s Afraid of Independent Citizens in Churches?

Independent citizen movements are an important asset in the area of ​​local affirmation. They are industrious movements of people who like their country and who come together according to recognized skills to meet the needs of the citizens they represent. For this reason, apart from the fear of competition, it is misunderstood that the parties want to restrict them in accordance with the electoral law of the local authorities in order to attack their implicit unity, which previously allowed them to compete as a whole and set limits within which to set themselves cannot claim as a whole. A complete freak!

The community I live in – Oeiras – is an example of the excellence of self-sufficiency led by an association / movement of independent citizens with Isaltino Morais under their command. This does not mean that everyone in this country has the same skills, but between parties and movements it is up to the voters to choose the best and vote accordingly and equally. All that is not so is to get addicted to the democratic game which is utterly unbearable! … Who can fear that citizens in all local authorities will unite to defend the prosperity of their councils as independents? There is no better statement about local democracy!

Eduardo Fidalgo, Linda-a-Velha

Pope Francis

On March 13, 2013, Jorge Maria Bergoglio (born 1936) was elected the 266th Pope and replaced the resignation, today’s Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger. When Jorge Bergoglio accepted the inheritance of Francisco de Assis (1181 / 2-1226), he showed from the beginning that his ministry would be directed primarily for the benefit of the most needy of all kinds.

So they are an example since his trip to Lampedusa, to the numerous pastoral and ecumenical trips, to many countries and emblematic places that he has undertaken, such as his recent trip to Iraq, and to his concise messages, many of which have been processed . This purpose is visible, that you do not compromise. For this reason, this does not deter him, even when faced with many and varied obstacles, including within the Catholic Church itself, but has made him act resolutely and courageously, because in history only those who dare dare.

Good health Pope Francis, at the beginning of the ninth year of his pontificate, because, as I repeat, knowledge and will are part of his temperament.

José P. Costa, Lisbon

Trisomy 21 and the others?

In the last few days the government has announced another exception to the priority of vaccination against Covid 19 – the inclusion of citizens with trisomy 21. I as a pediatrician and citizen found the news bizarre, as it saw the countless unmentioned children and adults who suffer from other chromosopathies and deficiencies from other origins, some of which have a much higher degree of disability than some mongoloids. I sincerely hope that it is a journalistic mistake and that the associations that protect all these children and young people strongly protest against this discrimination. What does the APPACDM say? To this day I haven’t heard them take a stand! What are these children and adolescents called when they are often not part of a structure? Or are they small in size in others, without the obvious political pressure (lobbying) of the CERCI? I leave this warning to the government and the Minister of Health so that all disabled people with trisomy 21 or any other cause can be treated with the vaccine. Equality and justice demand it.

José Carlos Palha, Gaia


As a person and as a grandfather, the suspicion established for the second half of March is very appropriate. As a citizen, he is in bad shape.
As a person, you can go out freely. Get your hair cut, go and have free coffee on the wicket. As a grandfather one can sense that the need for grandchildren to go out normally every morning, to go to school, to be able to live with the children of their age in order to “normalize as much as possible” is very great.
As a citizen in Portugal and in Europe, he is in bad shape. It will be wonderfully possible to have the mindset that with the sharp drop in new cases of Covid-19, it will be possible to normalize. Even if there is still a huge shortage of citizens and vaccinated citizens.

Augusto Küttner de Magalhães, Porto

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