Equatorial Guinea expects the CPLP to do “a little more” to respond to explosions in the country CPLP

The authorities of Equatorial Guinea hope that the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) will do “a little more” and, in the face of the disaster caused by the explosions last Sunday in Bata, will have an “active presence” to defend the ambassador of the African country . in Portugal.

“Equatorial Guinea expects an active presence from the CPLP,” Tito Mba Ada told Lusa.

All CPLP member states have sent “condolences” – something the Malabo authorities are grateful for, he stressed – but “this is the time to do something more,” said the diplomat, when asked about the Lusophon Bloc’s response to the President Teodoro Obiang’s request for help formalized by the organization’s ambassador earlier this week.

Tito Mba Ada claimed this was “the time to defend human rights,” such as the right to life, health and food.

“Our relationship with the CPLP has to leave the office and go to the field where the action is taking place,” he said, stressing that the organization has “structures and intervention mechanisms” in place in emergency situations. “All help is important,” he added.

When asked whether he had received indications of possible support from Lisbon, which he had also formally requested in an oral communication to the Portuguese government, Tito Mba Ada said he believed the Portuguese authorities would “as much as possible to reply would give “. .

“Portugal coordinates within the framework of the European mechanism,” said the ambassador and said, “it is fortunate that Portugal is currently chairing the European Union”.

The ambassador showed by way of example that the Portuguese authorities could work together on the basis of his experience “in crisis management” with “advice, personnel and on a logistical level”.

“There are already neighboring countries like Spain and France, and we hope that Portugal, a friendly and strategic country, will also join Equatorial Guinea,” he commented.

A Foreign Ministry source told Lusa earlier this week that “support for Equatorial Guinea is being considered in coordination with the international community, through the United Nations and the European Union.”

The EU has said it is ready to send more emergency aid to Equatorial Guinea, humanitarian aid spokesman Balaz Ujvari said on Thursday.

The port city of Bata, the most populous in Equatorial Guinea, was rocked by a series of explosions in a military barracks that killed more than a hundred people and injured more than 600, in addition to an unspecified number of displaced persons and vital material damage.

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