António Mexia will receive 800,000 euros from EDP | over the next three years Companies

There was 970.21 thousand euros in gross fixed remuneration plus 554 thousand euros in variable annual components (based on 2019) and a further 848.14 thousand euros based on the “remuneration for the third year of the 2015-2017 term of office”. that António Mexia earned in and 2020 as Executive Chairman of EDP. According to the report on the management of the electricity company published on Friday, the manager received around 2.37 million euros gross in around seven months of management.

Despite the interruption of his tenure at the beginning of July 2020 and the successor to Miguel Stilwell at the helm of the energy company, António Mexia remains in the electricity company’s accounting department. For another three years.

“As a counterpart to the non-competition clause, EDP was obliged to pay Dr. António Luís Guerra Nunes Mexia an amount of 800,000 euros over a period of three years.” And the “payment of health insurance and life insurance premiums as well as PPR life insurance, the net amount of which corresponds to 10% of the annual fixed remuneration” will be retained for “the same period” of three years.

For his part, João Manso Neto, who ran IT Renováveis ​​and for the same reasons suspended his term of office and left the renewable management, will also receive “for a period of three years” “the amount of 560,000 euros and maintenance for the same period for the payment of a PPR life insurance premium, the net amount of which corresponds to 10% of the annual fixed remuneration. “

The gross remuneration paid by EDV earned 1.65 million euros in 2020: 654.8 thousand euros from the fixed component, 393.86 thousand euros from the variable component for 2019 and 607.8 thousand euros from the multi-year variable 2025-2017.

The report that EDP posted on the CMVM website this Friday, which confirms the news brought forward by Expresso tonight, states that “the termination and non-compete clauses that have been concluded have been approved by the Compensation Committee and General Council Oversight” at “Meeting on November 13, 2020 “. “As the general and supervisory board,” the note adds, “he expressed his approval of the respective celebration at the meeting on November 17, 2020 and authorized two members of the remuneration committee of the general and supervisory board to represent the company in the Signing of the above agreements “.

This Thursday, Lusa had submitted that the compulsory measure applicable to the defendants António Mexia and Manso Neto in the context of IT rentals at EDP had expired this week because it had exceeded the maximum period of eight months without deduction of fees.

The extinction of the coercive measure of the former President of EDV and the former head of EDV Renováveis ​​was confirmed to the news agency by one of the defendants’ defense lawyers, who clarified that Judge Ivo Rosa did not lift the coercive measure in July 2020, requesting to refer to the ” Compliance with the Law ”and end the suspension of duties as the coercive measure had already expired.

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