According to blogger Aly Silva, journalist Adão Ramalho was attacked in Guinea-Bissau Guinea Bissau

The Guinean Human Rights League (LGDH) condemned and rejected the “brutal aggression” by agents of the security forces against the journalist Adão Ramalho of Radio Capital in “full exercise of functions” on Friday evening.

“According to LGDH monitors, the victim was followed by a group of security officers from Osvaldo Vieira International Airport to the national headquarters of PAIGC, where he was attacked,” he said in a press release.

For the Guinean non-governmental organization for human rights, the law fits “cowardly and disgusting, fits into the strategy of intimidation and conditioning of the exercise of freedom of the press and freedom of expression in Guinea-Bissau by the installed regime”.

Last Tuesday, the Guinean journalist and blogger Aly Silva was kidnapped and beaten by a group of armed strangers.

Speaking to PÚBLICO, the head of the “Dictatorship of Consensus” blog said that they did not kill him “because it did not happen” and accused President Umaro Sissoco Embaló of being behind the “jungle regime” in Guinea-Bissau lives.

“Nobody does anything, nobody wants to know anything about us, we are not on the agenda,” complained Aly Silva.

In Friday’s statement, the LGDH rejected the “abusive and arbitrary behavior of the security forces” and called for “criminal and disciplinary accountability for the perpetrators of these atrocities”.

He also denounced “the existence of a dark plan aimed at interfering with the exercise of press freedom in Guinea-Bissau”.

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