The future of education and teachers’ opinion

The internal and external competition for teachers has just started with bombastic news. The Ministry of Education has threatened teachers in this country who have been hired for countless years looking for a job, some for decades, who if not ready to apply and take a place in Valença for Faro, they will be in the following Cannot sign the school year, they will be prevented immediately. It is written. This is not just a threat, it is a coercion!

A teacher who, for the most part, finds himself in this situation, is forty or older and has established family life in a particular place. He has the right to decide how far he is willing to enter the very diverse and desirable place. This could happen even in a country with a surplus of teachers, but when we have classes where there is no teacher in a particular discipline for many months and even all year, it seems a little surreal.

This is an unattractive career, both in terms of money and stability. Not to mention the barriers to career advancement as well as freezing and constant wear and tear. When all these obstacles arise, more and more teachers will leave the profession, less and less looking for them, and consequently fail to meet the needs in schools.

At a time when the majority have made brutal efforts, with the associated risk of completing the school year, this is a stab in the back for teachers. I don’t understand how they can keep changing the rules and playing with the lives of teachers and their families.

If the government wants a good quality public school, first treat the education professionals with respect, as a country’s future is measured by the education one has.

So education continues in this country, passion has been lost and only compulsion has remained. It looks more like a description of an episode of domestic violence, but unfortunately it’s the result of the nationwide teachers’ competition!

The author writes according to the new orthographic convention

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