7 days, 7 short breaks at home: between walks and guided tours, gifts and a taste of the sea, relaxation

Saturday 13: Virtual walks

A pedestrian path that leads from a millennial olive tree to the Castle of Pirescouxe, with a palace, a church and the ruins of a monastery in the middle. The proposal comes from the municipality of Loures and would calculate three kilometers at the feet of the participants if it weren’t for the pandemic. So that the idea doesn’t get in the way, shoes are put online: On March 13th at 10 a.m. with live streaming on Facebook, a trip to Santa Iria de Azóia between Morgadios follows: a world to discover. With an approximate duration of three hours, the route promises to reveal some surprises of the Azóia heritage, such as the Palácio de Valflores (built in the 16th century), the Mother Church, the ruins of the monastery of Nossa Senhora da Conceição or the Castle of Pirescouxe.

Sunday 2pm: Taste of the sea on land

In Esposende, it’s time to surrender the fish with Flavors of the Sea. With 22 years of work and a part of the gastronomic “furniture” of the region, the event puts on 25 restaurants and 23 bakeries and bakeries, so as not to encourage and encourage only the consumption of fish and seafood, but also other local products ( including sweets, mushrooms, wines and liqueurs). With a reinvented program running through late April, a distant poster of takeaway snacks, home deliveries, and various activities will be lined up on the community’s digital channels. In the news chapter there is the heading No Scales – which shows, for example, how to cook or fillet the fish – and the (un) limited recipes of the partners of the event. The fishing doesn’t stop there: culinary demonstrations are planned (from fusion cuisine to making a zero-kilometer dish with products from the country), gatherings on sustainable fishing, solidarity cuisine and workshops. The list of the associated establishments and the entire program can be viewed here.

Monday 3pm: guided tour, new season

The Paula Moura Pinheiro Guided Tour returns to the RTP2 antenna this Monday at 10.55pm (and also to Antena 1) with a new season, the 11th. The inauguration will take place in Freixo de Espada à Cinta, more precisely in the Igreja Matriz (or Igreja de São Miguel), which was built in the 16th century and, as the hostess emphasizes, “is clearly disproportionate to the size of the village”. There are questions and curiosities like these that guide the conversation with the Freixenist researcher Jorge Duarte. From there you can discover the village of Raiana in the northeast of the region where Guerra Junqueiro was born. From here, the magazine will continue to search for other treasures in the country, such as Baixa Pombalina, the Paço dos Duques de Bragança (Guimarães), the Theatro Circo de Braga or the Levadas of Madeira. There will be a total of 25 new episodes that tour the area and hitchhike to the original perspectives of the cultural heritage, be it the most imposing building, a path or just a piece – so there is a story to be told.

Tuesday, 4pm: Sketch of the island of Mozambique

Life stories of the inhabitants of the island of Mozambique are noticeable through voice and in the first person in a series of spoken portraits – it is the Ilhéus exhibition that spreads online, while the lack of definition does not reach the Rostrum Room Eugenio de Almeida. The combination of images and audio recordings shown in a series of videos on the Foundation’s website “advance their voices” and also affects the public to a limited extent while the reopening does not take place. Inaugurated on September 19, 2020, Ilhéus consists of photographic portraits taken and published in a book of Moira Forjaz (born 1942 in Zimbabwe), who lives in the African island city. “It was probably the first time someone asked them to speak about themselves, their own dreams, the life they led, and the life they wanted. Your frustrations, disappointments, and satisfaction. From your life ”- a word from the curator, the Italian journalist Paola Rolletta. The exhibition pays homage to the community life of these islanders, but also to the historical and cultural proximity to Évora, a city that has been working with the island of Mozambique since 1997.

Wednesday, 5 p.m .: gargoyles

“If you can’t go to the museum, the museum comes to you”. Whoever says that is the EPAL Water Museum, which, as warnings say, can now be visited virtually. This is the solution that aims to make the history of water known while the doors will not reopen in an uncertain future and also serve as an aperitif for a family program. Currently, without making an appointment, it is possible to enter and enjoy an experience that reflects both the realism of the views and the discovery of details and curiosities of the museum’s centenary structures. The press release states: “The visitor can walk through the monumental archway of Aqueduto das Águas Livres and feel the dizziness when leaning on the largest arch, climbing on the terrace of Mãe d’Água das Amoreiras and watching Lisbon 360º or even see and hear the steam engine at Barbadinhos train station ”. Visits are free and available on the EPAL website, with versions in Portuguese and English.

Thursday, 18: Peripheries in four seasons

With Bazuca News from the Teatro da Palmilha Dentada, a newly invented periferias begins this Thursday. In the year in which the tenth anniversary is celebrated, the festival of performing arts moves to the rhythm of the seasons – from spring, of course. The first of the four programmatic moments takes place exclusively online. After opening the virtual curtain with the play Palmilha Dentada (at 9.45 p.m.), he continued the poetry encounter Uma Viagem ao Mundo on the following day through the poetry slam, in which countries such as Italy, Guinea and Italy participate in Angola (um 9.45 p.m.). On the 20th there will be peripheral talks in which “the importance of working in a network” (at 4 pm) and the premiere of O Triciclo do Não Teatro (at 9.45 pm) will be discussed. On the 21st, PaPI-Opus 8 by the Companhia de Música Teatral de Famalicão will take place on stage (at 11 am), “a virtual journey into the world of birds that includes theater, music and lots of movement”); further conversations, this time about the art of puppets and animated forms (at 4:30 pm); and an NBC concert of the recently released Epiderme, an album born out of custody (at 9.45pm). More theater, poetry, music and entertainment are planned for the next seasons, with the hope that the wishes announced by the general program will be fulfilled: a summer on the street and an autumn / winter in the living room. Currently, Periferias can be followed on social networks and on the Chão de Oliva website. There are free and paid events (5 €); In these cases, part of the amount is diverted to support cultural associations.

Friday 19: gifts to the father and solidarity

The proposal comes from the vineyards of Douro and comes from Enoteca – Clube de Vinhos as an offer for Father’s Day or as a consideration to harmonize with Easter menus. However, the gift has a wider scope: half of the value of every kit sold goes to Bagos d’Ouro, an association that supports the school trips of children and young people from needy families in the Douro region – a particularly challenging task since the beginning of the pandemic in the field of combating digital isolation. In addition to the contribution to the cause, the kit contains three bottles each with a nectar that represents one of the three sub-regions of the Douro wine region: Baixo Corgo (Caldas Vinhas Velhas red 2015), Cima Corgo (Quinta Nova) Terroir Blend Red 2018) and Douro Superior (Barão de Vilar Garrafeira Red 2015). The set can be bought here for 59 €.

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