Novo Banco strengthens line of defense for parliamentary investigations | New bank

Novo Banco has appointed a spokesman for “all matters” related to the Novo Banco Commission of Inquiry to act as an alternative to the bank’s CEO. The Commission of Inquiry began Wednesday with the key phase of the hearings, which began at the end of the BES, but already with repairs to the management of Novo Banco.

In a statement sent this morning, Novo Banco announced that “Carlos Brandão, current Risk Director at Novo Banco and former CEO of Bankinter and former CEO of Barclays in Portugal, has been appointed spokesman for the bank for all day-to-day affairs Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry “. “The idea will be to be able to clarify doubts in detail within the Novo Banco Committee of Inquiry,” he explains.

For António Ramalho, this will be an opportunity to resolve any doubts about Novo Banco’s capitalization process. “Carlos will be able to make a decisive contribution to these efforts and to enrich the control of our bank,” emphasized the CEO of the bank, quoted in the statement.

“On the other hand, this appointment will make it possible to reduce the impact of the parliamentary committee of inquiry on the daily life of Novo Banco.”

Novo Banco explains to the PUBLIC that at this point, when the Commission of Inquiry enters the investigation period, “an alternative profile to António Ramalho, which is frequently requested”, has been drawn up. Carlos Brandão was chosen based on his personal profile.

On Wednesday, the author of the secret report on the actions of the Banco de Portugal up to the BES resolution, João Costa Pinto, criticized the bank’s management that resulted from the end of the BES by voicing doubts about the sale of Novo Banco’s assets . However, the bank adds that the intention of a “second type of media clarification” has long been in existence.

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