The kindergarten association is asking for three working days to prepare for the coronavirus reopening

Meal preparation, fresh food in the kitchen and disinfection of rooms are the main restrictions for daycare centers and kindergartens when the official announcement of their eventual reopening is on Thursday and they have to open their doors on Monday. In between there is only one working day to buy food from suppliers and disinfect the facilities. The president of the Association of Kindergartens and Small Private Educational Institutions, Susana Batista, defends that the ideal would be to allow three days for these institutions to “reopen with ease”.

For Susana Batista, three days would make it possible to “start with great care”, without “running”, “with calm”. In practice this means that if the official confirmation is on Thursday, these facilities could reopen on Wednesday 17th or possibly the day before: “If the official announcement is Thursday 11th, we could be around Wednesday the 11th 17th, open. it would be ideal. But if it’s Tuesday the 16th, it will be possible too. The raw material for kitchens with fresh food is the most difficult. It’s more complicated to have them on Monday morning. Anyone who has a kitchen and a group of children who eat lunch very early must have raw materials in the morning. “

“The provision of fresh food for the preparation of meals” is one of the greatest challenges: “The suppliers cannot deliver everything in one day,” explains the official, noting that day care centers without this preparation time “go to supermarkets, for example, or find other solutions ”. As for the disinfection of the facilities, “if necessary, everything must be done at the weekend to disinfect them, but if there is time, it is better to hire Express, for example,” he continues.

These are the two main challenges that Susana Batista encountered when these facilities reopened for the second time during the pandemic: “The great preparation was last year when it was necessary to adjust everything to new rules. Now we don’t have any information on any other rules or a new schedule. “

This association has already asked the government about the planned schedule, but has not yet received an answer: “We started the survey last Friday. We are already asking questions this week and have already warned Social Security and the Ministry of Education that it is important to give us three days notice so that everything does not happen. Things are not going well, we ended up having to buy and not do things the ideal way but how to do it, ”he says.

Social Security Surveys Employees To Be Vaccinated

The only information they have already received came from the district’s social security centers and was asking daycare centers how many staff are in direct contact with the children in order to be included in the Covid-19 vaccination process.

“The only thing we learned was an email from Security to the daycare centers and not to the kindergartens supervised by the Ministry of Education, where urgent inquiries were made about the number of daycare professionals and employees with whom the children are in direct contact, to be included in the vaccination schedule. Some kindergartens received emails from various social security centers in the district at 7:30 p.m. on Monday and others on Tuesday morning. But I questioned the security and was told that this will not be a requirement for the reopening [os funcionários estarem já vacinados]”He explains that each daycare center has received the email and will provide the details to their facility.

On this subject, Susana Batista says: “The association has already asked DGEstE [Direcção-Geral dos Estabelecimentos Escolares] whether a survey is carried out in the kindergartens under the supervision of the Ministry of Education ”, but no answer for the time being.

This official is pleased with the update of the standard regarding priority vaccination groups and the announcement that, according to the Directorate-General for Health, “Teaching and non-teaching staff in teaching and educational institutions and social responses in support of children in the public” and cooperative sector according to the logistics plan that is being implemented. “

“We were very pleased with this news because we believe it is very important to prevent contagion. We know that there are priority groups, but if these professionals can also work in this area, we are very satisfied, ”he says, noting that there is not the total number of educators and assistants in the country who can be vaccinated.

Susana Batista only regrets that the private education sector is not involved in the strategy of the rapid antigen tests developed by the government for the resumption of classes: “For me, the vaccine is more important than the tests, the tests give some peace, but I think that there can be no discrimination between public and private children, we are talking about public health. It’s a distinction that doesn’t make any sense. “

The Association of Day Care Centers and Small Private Educational Institutions represents day care centers, kindergartens and 1st cycle institutions with a maximum of 250 students and more than 100 members. “They are small private educational institutions,” says the guardian, who also guarantees that the parents with whom she has contacted are convinced of the reopening. “Much, much, much, longing for [que reabram]. For her it was yesterday. And also for children ”.

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