Sérgio Conceição: “After the eviction, we showed the DNA of FC Porto” | Soccer

At the end of the game, in which FC Porto had qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League, coach Sérgio Conceição highlighted the organizational capacity, the spirit of sacrifice and the intelligence of the team, which, even in numerical inferiority, resulted in goal throws.

“I have a group of brave players who interpreted the best of what we prepared for the game in front of a great team with very high-level players,” he said.

“We had to be ready to suffer, but also to cause difficulties for Juventus. We were a real team and our players did a fantastic job. And after Taremi’s eviction in the 55th minute, it wasn’t easy. But in addition to organization, determination and ambition, we also tried to keep the DNA of FC Porto. Then we conceded two goals, but even when we lost we never stopped believing. ”

Conceição recalled that “in addition to the victim’s spirit, intelligence is required to perceive the opponent” and to be careful. “Even when we were ten we created scoring chances and this is great proof of the skill and competitiveness of this team.”

“Reason to be proud of the country”

Sérgio Oliveira, the author of two goals for FC Porto, did not hide his delight at qualifying. “I’m really happy to score two goals here, but above all to make it to the quarter-finals. It’s a source of pride for the club and the country. We already deserve it, ”he emphasized.

“We suffered with low lines most of the time. But we always wanted to score. We had this insight and are very happy, ”added the midfielder.

Corona was doubtful until a few hours in the game and in the end still spoke with a “heartbeat very quickly” and extremely “satisfied with the result and the work”. The Mexican stressed that the team would continue to “believe, support and suffer when necessary”.

Sérgio Conceição: “The players managed to get the true essence and DNA of FC Porto. An incredible determination and a spirit of sacrifice that touched me” #FCPorto #JUVEFCP #UCL pic.twitter.com/OpGeZdrQ8E

– FC Porto (@FCPorto) March 9, 2021

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