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Pension on time? Great, but solve the problems

Recently the Social Security announced a mechanism to reduce delays in the allocation of old-age pensions. The application is processed online and automatically approved if the applicant accepts the submitted amount and immediately receives a provisional pension. The measure is also in response to recommendations from the Ombudsman, who warned of delays in processing pensions of more than a year. However, I present a case that shows what remains to be done.

In March 2019, the then 66-year-old AA from Campo Maior submitted a uniform application for retirement to Caixa Geral de Aposentações. On three separate occasions, the CGA asked the National Pension Center (CNP) to calculate the proportion corresponding to 27 years of contributory social security careers. CNP did not respond to either the CGA or the applicant despite its multiple efforts. After two years, it is unacceptable for Mr. AA to continue to wait for a decision on his application. Pensão na hora is positive but there is an urgent need for CNP to resolve upcoming situations in order to avoid injustices and precarious social situations.

Mário Sanches, Carcavelos

Don’t give him chips

Orthodox Cavaco Silva returned to politics through the low door. He spoke of our “gagged democracy” as if democracy had been exemplary in the long years of being Prime Minister and President of the Republic. It is not even worth mentioning mistakes, injustices and exposed rudeness, as in the case of the award winner José Saramago … He was the one who silenced democracy. For example: as President of the Republic, he suspended the tributes to the military workers of 25 de April! Going with him is still a great grudge against the previous government supported by the PCP and BE. In his mandates he has never implemented measures in favor of employees. Don’t give him chips!

Vítor Colaço Santos São João das Lampas


Regarding Cavaco Silva’s unfortunate statements about an imaginary new form of democracy, Manuel Carvalho reminds us in the PUBLIC editorial on Sunday that the ex-president does not show his own dislike for António Costa and the government model he has forced to “swallow” can forget. This, in addition to the heartburn that Marcelo causes for performing the functions that Cavaco performed mediocre with brilliance and majority exercise, leads him to invent what does not exist, namely once a “gagged democracy”, perhaps a contradiction that gagged only non-democracies are intended. And then he, his eyes downcast and his ears deaf to the legal misdeeds that the government of Passos Coelho had committed and who would commit more if the Constitutional Court of the time did not stop him.

Won’t there be an advisor to warn you? Incidentally, you also warn him that it is no longer justified to speak of “inventions”. Doesn’t the man read the newspapers?

José A. Rodrigues, Vila Nova de Gaia

Delays in the vaccination schedule

I read with interest your article in the PUBLIC on Sunday about the delays in Lisbon, namely about vaccinating the elderly. In fact, I had already realized that the vaccination strategy for the elderly must be inconsistent and objective. Now I understand why by not adopting an age reduction strategy for the vaccine item, much like it does in the rest of the country. It follows that, for example, a family member living in Amadora, Maria Isabel Mendonça Correia, on the way to 98 years and generally in good health, inexplicably has not yet been asked to receive her protective dose.

Could it be that Portugal, after around 10% of the Portuguese population has already been vaccinated against Covid-19 with at least one first dose of the vaccine, cannot guarantee this desideratum for the oldest, among the oldest Portuguese, centenarians or soon?

Luís Reis, Lisbon

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