FC Porto: share price rises and 73 million already guaranteed with the champions International football

FC Porto’s career in the Champions League is getting stronger and stronger. In addition to the achievement of eliminating Juventus against the quarter-finals of the competition, the “Dragons” increase the sporting performance by a further 10.5 million euros, which corresponds to a total of 73 million euros in this edition of the competition. And even the stock market price is rising.

This Wednesday, hours after crossing the barrier of the round of 16 and falling behind one of the candidates to win the race, the SAD price on the Lisbon Stock Exchange rose from 0.7 to 0.75 euros per share (an increase) of almost 8th%).

For the past three months, the highest value was recorded on January 5th, with stocks hitting 82 cents, although the number of transactions (83) was much lower than on Wednesday (2010).

This is only one indicator of the confidence that the qualification of the “Dragons” in Turin has brought into the market. However, the club’s treasury will draw substantial dividends from current athletic performance due to the bonuses paid by UEFA.

So far, FC Porto has guaranteed more than 73 million euros in this Champions League, a value to which the market pool, which concerns the distribution of the income from television rights, must be added afterwards.

Strictly speaking, the Portuguese champions have bagged 73.542 million euros since the start of the European walk, approaching the amount reached in 2018-29 (78.4 million euros). If you make it to the semi-finals, you can count on another 12 million in cash.

The € 15.25million contributed by being in the Champions group stage contributed to the current pie, the € 26.6million for ninth place in the UEFA rankings (calculated based on the performance of the last Decade).

Thanks to the excellent performance of the “Blues and Whites” in the group stage with four wins (two against Olympiacos and two against Marseille) in six games, a further 21 million euros including the qualifying prize for the round of 16 were possible.

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