Cotrim de Figueiredo is excluded from the race to Lisbon, but IL keeps its autonomous offer with Liberal Initiative

The President of the Liberal Initiative (IL) excluded himself from the municipal race to Lisbon this Wednesday following the resignation of candidate Miguel Quintas, but stressed that his party would soon put forward a new list leader for autonomous candidacies in the capital.

“No,” said Cotrim de Figueiredo in the Passos Perdidos da Parliament when asked whether he himself was a chance for Lisbon’s self-sufficiency, and guaranteed that “the decision not to follow the coalition led by Carlos Moedas will remain.” and “the alternative solution is presented for a short distance”.

The only representative of the IL stated that “there is actually a personal situation” that “was already made known after the applicant was presented over the weekend”.

“We applaud the important reasons that have been revealed and we can only thank the work of Miguel Quintas in preparing the entire application,” he said.

Miguel Quintas’ decision was communicated to the party on Tuesday, three days after the candidacy was presented. He immediately assured the PUBLIC, a source of the Liberal Initiative, that the party will maintain its intention to present its own candidate so that it will continue to refuse to join the coalition in support of Carlos Moedas. The choice shouldn’t fall on number two on the list, Ana Pedrosa-Augusto, who was widely acclaimed on social networks.

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