The requalification of Bom Sucesso is carried out “in accordance with the specifications” Porto City Hall

It was announced on Friday that the license application for the Mercado do Bom Sucesso (MBS) requalification project has been approved by the Porto City Council (CMP). Speaking to Lusa, the director of the room, Marco Massano, announced that the project “will be developed and implemented in articulation and dialogue with the local authority, the owner of the building and the Regional Directorate for Culture of the North (DRCN). in conformity specifications and other applicable conditions ”. The project, which implies the installation of 26 stalls, 40 shops and restaurants, as well as a supermarket owned by the Sonae Group in this space, has sparked some discussion in recent years, particularly due to the possibility of changing the functionality of the traditional sale of frescoes to accommodate this division.

Marco Massano confirmed to Lusa that a Continente Bom Dia unit will be built there with “a concept that is based on the local community and maintains the more traditional functions of the Mercado do Bom Sucesso with a range of fresh and other convenience products”. Mais adds that “this device is compliant and occupying space that has been vacant for over a year”.

Compliance with legal procedures by Mercado Prime, a corporate structure of the Amorim Group, and Sonae Sierra, who took over the MBS concession after the management of Mota-Engil ended, was confirmed by Rui Moreira at a board meeting on Monday -Market. According to the mayor, “the Chamber was asked to approve a transfer of the contractual position,” a procedure which “required verification of the bidders’ credibility in providing equivalent guarantees and meeting the objectives set out in the program” tender “.” Lassen It will be clear to you that the matter on the matter has been reviewed by the services and myself, “he added.

The project had positive opinions from DRCN and DGPC

The mayor of Porto replied to the socialist Manuel Pizarro, who admitted that he had “nothing to say” on this subject, “as long as everything is legally absolutely correct”. The PS City Council wanted to “leave a note that what happened before the PS City Council happened, namely the architect Manuel Correia Fernandes [ex-vereador do urbanismo eleito pelo PS em 2013]”Who” always said that redesigning the space in light of the competition the Chamber was holding at the time would end Bom Sucesso as a supermarket rather than a market, “and regretted the meager” strategy of diversifying the city’s commercial business “…” As for the use, “Rui Moreira replied,” it is the one that was decided at the time. ”

When Rui Moreira applied for approval in December 2019 for the transfer of the share capital of Sociedade Mercado Urbano – Gestão Imobiliária, SA, which was approved with dissenting votes from the CDU and abstentions from the PS, Rui Moreira guaranteed that the specifications would prevent “certain protective measures” that the building will be “transformed into a supermarket”. At this meeting of the executive, Vítor Vieira, member of the CDU council, defied the statements of the independent and revealed that applications for the future supermarket were already open. He also added that the party was against the transfer of capital and warned that one of the companies involved in the deal is headquartered in the Netherlands and will therefore not pay any tax domestically.

The procedure also required the approval of the Regional Directorate for Culture of the North (DRCN), since the MBS has been classified as a monument of public interest since 2011 and “any infrastructural change in the building requires prior approval. ”. The positive opinion of the DRCN and the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage (DGPC) was issued on December 2, 2020. The DRCN clarified to Lusa, a company that believed that “the proposed interior intervention will not make any substantial spatial or spatial change to the formal identity of the building without worsening the effects of its previous remodeling”. More recently, on February 8th, the DRCN and DGPC issued a positive response to the project changes aimed at “redesigning the space of the factions still occupied by a small grocery store and providing direct access from outside the Plaza do Bom Sucesso to create one of the street shops that is integrated into the interior to be intervened, introduces steps and demolishes the existing mezzanine ”.

The executive should discuss licensing, says CDU

In a statement sent to the newsrooms this Monday, the CDU recalled that it voted against the 2011 concession and focused on the “misrepresentation of the concept of the fresh market” and the “fact that the operation is bad business since CMP comes into practice it would receive less than it did back then from the merchants who worked there ”. In 2019, the communists warned that the “possibility that the small and gloomy section that had been preserved as the” Fresh Market “could be removed and redesigned along with other stores whose leases were not renewed. in a supermarket owned by the Sonae group. “Considering the completion of the process and” given the classification of municipal interest [desde 2009] As already suggested, the CDU affirmed that these licensing projects should be decided by the municipal administration and not by a single city council. ”

For the PUBLIC, the city councilor of the CDU, Ilda Figueiredo, reiterates that this is “the culmination of a process that appears to have been completed but never reached the Chamber”, and regrets that “there has been no opportunity to discuss the executive group so far before formulating the decision ”. The PUBLIC have contacted the local authority on this matter, but have not yet received a response.

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