“Portugal has already lost control. It just doesn’t work! “Bosses want to open day care centers, education up to the age of 6, hairdressers and bookstores on the 15th | Coronavirus

The Confederação Empresarial de Portugal (CIP) is defending a phased shutdown plan that will open daycare, kindergartens and educational facilities for hairdressers, bookstores and used bookstores next week through the sixth year.

“The economy is closed. Portugal does not work, but the Portuguese are not staying at home! “Says the CIP in a document that will be presented at the government meeting with the social partners.

The CIP defends “a plan without a definition, which allows the safe reopening of the various activities and the stabilization of the prospects for citizens and entrepreneurs”. The government convened the union and employers’ organizations on Wednesday for an extraordinary social consultation meeting to present the deconfirmation plan to them.

In line with the recommendations of the National Health Council, the federal government therefore calls for the need to gradually reopen economic activity in the various sectors by building up a trust and responsibility model with the Portuguese that controls the transmission of infections – a test-screening-isolation “Program, clear guidelines for the deflation process and a transparent explanation of the vaccination situation against Covid-19.

At the meeting, CIP will present a plan that is divided into four phases. The first phase begins on Monday with the reopening of kindergartens, daycare centers and educational institutions up to the sixth year, hairdressers, bookstores and used bookstores.

In the next phase, starting March 22nd, CIP is defending the flexibility of teleworking rules so that with an agreement between employee and employer and ensuring earlier tests, personal work can be resumed in safe conditions. At this point, approval should also be given to resume restaurant and retail activity until 6:00 p.m., setting the maximum occupancy rate and a regular testing schedule, followed by immediate quarantine of employees, which must be established by the competent authorities.

In the third phase, from April 5, CIP defends the reopening of the remaining educational degrees, museums, galleries, zoological and botanical gardens, theaters, concerts, operas and cinemas with marked and limited seating and the restart of group sports amateurs in the Free in groups of up to 20 children up to 14 years.

In the fourth phase, which begins April 12, the bosses assume it is time to resume the remaining activities by 6 p.m., with the maximum utilization and a regular test schedule set by the staff. The CIP notes in the document that this “may not be the last pandemic of our lives” and that reality has shown “that the wealthiest countries have coped better with the pandemic”.

Pandemic fatigue

“The country and the Portuguese have reached a high level of pandemic fatigue,” warns the Confederation led by António Saraiva, pointing out that “the perception of the lowest risk is strongly related to the least compliance with restrictive measures”.

“Portugal already suspected it. It just doesn’t work! “He insists. It would therefore be “very serious” for CIP if Portugal came to the conclusion that it had achieved a “Pyrrhic victory”.

“A blind constraint, the end of which is not in sight, can lead to victory over the pandemic, but it comes at a very high cost with irreparable harm and other alternatives,” he says.

The CIP reiterates the importance of a gradual resumption of economic and social activities and emphasizes that the pandemic must be adequately controlled and its consequences mitigated. With this in mind, CIP reminds that workplaces have been recognized as safe places and companies have taken appropriate measures (time delay, removal, etc.).

In order for Portugal to meet the challenge of the current phase of the pandemic, “it is really important that certain measures are taken in terms of targeted testing and defibrillation”.

Since most companies in Portugal may not be able to run tests directly to optimize targeted tests, CIP leaves some suggestions, including defining the test plan on a regular basis in each municipality, depending on the level of risk and known chains of transmission, and defining samples that to be tested in companies, and free sale of saliva tests to the end user.

“In addition to the health protection afforded by conquering group immunity – the main objective of vaccination – we believe that the Covid-19 vaccination schedule in Portugal should contribute to effective and safe deconfusion. Let us have no doubts: to win this fight we have to fight it on two fronts: health and economic, ”he says.

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