Harry and Meghan: Buckingham Palace organizes crisis management meetings British royal family

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan gave producer and host Oprah Winfrey their first major American television interview on Sunday night since asking to leave the British royal family a year ago. The interview fell like a bombshell as it accused the monarchy of racism, insensitivity and strained family relationships. Since then, according to the BBC, several crisis management meetings with high-ranking members of the royal family have been planned.

Racism, mental health and public relations were some of the subjects of the interview the Dukes of Sussex gave to Oprah on Sunday March 7th while on prime-time television. The British press was the first to respond with some columnists to be very critical of the statements made. Buckingham Palace has not yet responded and an immediate response to the interview is not expected.

The BBC’s real correspondent Daniela Relph said the palace would “not want to feel compelled to say anything” about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s claims. The couple will not have blamed the Queen directly (Meghan says she’s “wonderful”; Harry explains, “She’s my Colonel, right? She always will be”), but the whole system around her – the one that does the Duchess of Sussex called “the company”.

Allegedly, crisis management meetings with the various high-ranking members of the British royal family are already planned. In an interview, Prince Harry said that “he was trapped in the system”, as did Princes Carlos and William: “My father and my brother are trapped. You can’t go out and I have great empathy for that. “

Meghan Markle’s father has already responded to the interview – speaking to ITV – and downplayed his daughter’s allegations. Thomas Markle says he doesn’t view the royal family as racist, despite the fact that the Dukes of Sussex revealed a conversation about Archie’s skin color that was the basis of their son’s decision not to be a prince. However, Harry said he would never share this conversation. “It was embarrassing at the time, I was a little shocked,” he recalls, adding that this conversation took place “right at the beginning” of the relationship.

It is recalled that Meghan’s relationship with her father, Thomas Markle, has gotten into trouble in recent years. Before the royal wedding, he was photographed by an alleged paparazzi who was eventually hired by himself. At the time, Thomas Markle was handing out photos showing he was preparing for the wedding. Meghan’s father later suffered a heart attack that made it impossible for him to attend the wedding, and the Duchess was eventually brought to the altar by the future father-in-law, Prince Carlos.

In the United States alone, the broadcast of the interview will have attracted an audience of 17.1 million people. But why are the couple interested in popularity in America? It is the Americans, not the British, who can prove critical to the success of the projects that pay the bills of most of the media, such as those based on the agreements with Netflix or Spotify. the foundation of solidarity they have already laid on American soil, Archewell.

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