With the blessing of “Queen” Oprah, Harry and Meghan conquered America, the British royal family

Archie, the first son of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, should have been a prince. But the rules change during the ex-actress’s pregnancy banned her from accessing the title and anything that could have been given to her with the latter, such as expensive security. Something that deeply shook Meghan, who suspects the reason for the decision: According to Harry, there were conversations about how dark one of the couple’s babies would be.

The prince refused to share what was said or who said what, but Oprah has already come to say it wasn’t Isabel II or Prince Philip. The cornerstone was laid, however: racism took center stage in an exclusive, multi-million dollar interview (CBS paid the American producer $ 7 million or 5.9 million euros) that aired on prime-time television on Sunday night.

And in a country that was deeply affected by racism and had just emerged from a turbulent year under the sign of the Black Lives Matter movement, the reactions were not long in coming: professional tennis player Serena Williams shared a message of support for Meghan on Twitter With. whose words for him “illustrate the pain and cruelty that he lived”. For her part, Amanda Gorman, the 23-year-old activist who sworn in Joe Biden, assessed that “Meghan was the crown’s greatest opportunity for change, regeneration and reconciliation in a new era”.

For Oprah, it’s not about sweeping under the rug. And if the sheer compassion he had for the couple was enough to welcome him to his ultra-protected circle of friends, the idea that both he and his son were victims of racial prejudice makes one of the 20 most powerful women on the Planets by Forbes, put them under your wing and hold up the red carpet for Americans to adopt.

Including the press, which has little understanding of what their peers are doing across the Atlantic, tabloids and more. The New York Times, for example, questioned the news earlier this week in the prestigious London Times that exploited a complaint of bullying against the Duchess and that “most of the quotes are attributed to anonymous sources who believe the effects describe the alleged behavior of the couple without identifying specific incidents ”.

And accusing Meghan of being an attacker is no small matter when complaining to herself about being bullied, either in the way she felt isolated from her own family and entourage (Meghan calls it “The Firm ”), or in the sense that she did feel unprotected. The loneliness became so “insurmountable” that, as Oprah said, it lost the will to live: “I just didn’t want to be alive anymore.” Feelings that are accompanied by shame and helplessness, especially after asking permission to help search and your request was denied.

Harry didn’t know how to support her: “I had no idea what to do, I wasn’t prepared for it, I left too [arrastado] to a very dark place, ”he admits. Mainly because out of “shame” I couldn’t go to the family: “This is not a conversation that you can have.” And he justifies: “There is a lot of mentality in the family: ‘That’s how it has to be. ‘”That’s the way it should be, you can’t change, we were all there.”

The reference to mental health issues caught the White House’s attention. According to CBS, spokeswoman Jen Psaki commented on the interview: “A person comes to speak publicly about their own mental health issues and tell their personal story – it takes courage, and that is certainly something the President believes in. “

During a special of almost two hours, the dukes also lifted the veil over the coming baby (“It’s a girl!”) And paid generous compliments to the Queen (Meghan says she is “wonderful”; Harry explains, “Yes, my goodness.” Colonel, right? It always will be ”); and declared themselves conquered by California, where they believe they found a life” better than any fairy tale “.

After two hours of a show that drew 17.1 million viewers in the US, the couple managed to get an almost unwanted postage stamp emblazoned with the most protective of the British monarchy, with some commentators unraveling jokes against the dukes. Nor must they be in the good grace of Prince Charles, who found out that he would not answer Harry’s phone; nor from William, who saw the woman’s name dragged into the conversation, and not for the best of reasons.

But who wants to know? The young couple probably won’t. However, they are interested in the “pillow” of acceptance (and protection) that the interview with those influencing American public opinion gave them. It is the Americans, not the British, who can prove critical to the success of the projects that pay the bills of most of the media, such as those based on the agreements with Netflix or Spotify. the foundation of solidarity they have already laid on American soil, Archewell. It’s just that, as someone sang, “Money makes the world go round”.

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