Ventura asks Costa about “waste” of wine and facts for the presidency of the government council

André Ventura promised on Sunday that he would question António Costa’s office about the “superfluous spending” the government made under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union through an investigation into the Politico website and spending on wine, clothing and ceremonies In principle, this will not happen due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Chega is following the path of PAN, which two days ago sent questions on the same subject to the Minister for State and Foreign Affairs.

The Politico article “The” ghosts “presidency of Portugal in the EU Council accumulates personal expenses” contains contracts such as 40,000 euros for the delivery of suits for drivers, others with companies founded less than a month ago more than 35,000 euros Euros in wine and a press center that cost 260 thousand euros but was empty. The expenditure will already amount to more than eight million euros, some of which are unprecedented in the register of the European Presidencies and cast doubts on the treaties concluded by the structure of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union.

“It is not clear how such expenses are justified at a time like this, which is going through the whole country and the world. There are families who are starving, there are Portuguese people who are losing their jobs, there are small traders who are losing the businesses in which they have invested all their lives and savings, and the government is concerned about buying shirts and suits who, given the context of the pandemic that we are alive and will live for many months to come, are not justified, as the meetings are practically in the majority, ”argues the Chega MP in a statement, adding that the case of the press center is also a “waste” as the press decided to follow the work online.

Like PAN, Ventura also criticizes sponsorships for the semester of the European Presidency, “which violate the best practices recommended by the European Union”, as is the case with Delta, The Navigator Company and Sumol + Compal.

For André Ventura, the socialist executive “only carries out the practices that are so familiar to him and that have already led the country to bankruptcy in the near past, and he can do so again without the competent authorities reviewing his work, which gives a terrible picture of the country mediated Portuguese institutions and tarnishes the good name and reputation of the Portuguese.

Chega’s deputy takes the opportunity to stick António Costa and Augusto Santos Silva to José Sócrate’s power ”- because it was an international body that carried out the investigation.

In response to the Politico, Presidency spokeswoman Alexandra Carreira said that despite the pandemic, the country “cannot simply ignore the possibility of holding physical meetings in the near future” and that action has therefore been taken. But he went to explain to the drivers, who as civil servants already had the clothes necessary for this function, to buy suits.

Susana Coroado, President for Transparency and Integrity, told the politician that the Presidency did not focus so much on working meetings as it was on “selling Portugal to the outside world”. “The government is acting like the Titanic orchestra, which is determined to hold five-star events even when it is clear that it shouldn’t,” Coroado added. “This is very typical in Portugal where our public procurement system is very problematic,” he says. “There is no justification for spending or a conflict of interest avoidance mechanism, and contracts are often given to friendly companies preferred by the government.”

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