Pilots say TAP’s voluntary membership plan is “opaque” and “poorly structured” companies

The Civil Aviation Pilots Union (SPAC) classified TAP’s voluntary program of measures on Monday as “poorly structured”, “absolutely opaque” and with “lack of information”. At the same time, he said in a statement, the company’s human resources management is “unable to answer the pilots’ most legitimate questions and is arrogant about the need for dialogue and real clarification of the options that arise and this matter for the decision of the interested parties ”.

The SPAC also mentions the existence of “dominant TAP proposals” such as “the impossibility of negotiating the terms, imposing unacceptable contractual clauses and breaking union cooperation in the representation of collective interests”. SPAC mentions TAP’s “arrogant and intimidating behavior”, saying that the way the volunteer service program has been implemented “undermines the pilots’ efforts to accept brutal wage cuts (50%) and the emergency company agreement itself” that was signed.

According to SPAC, the measures and conditions have been “changed every week”, which will mean “an extension of the duration” of the program, the final date of which is March 14th.

The extension that this union is defending should be by the end of this month, for a further two weeks, so that “all workers are informed of the real impact of the various hypotheses put forward by TAP” and there are conditions “for an effective voluntary departure the pilot gives.

“If the volunteer program fails, TAP is to blame because it poorly designed the program, failed to listen to the unions and ignored the legitimate expectations of workers,” says the SPAC.

According to the contingency agreements, the voluntary action program is one of the pillars of the cost reduction and restructuring plan that is being negotiated with the European Commission. Once this process is complete, it will be time to decide whether the company is headed for a collective layoff and how big it will be.

On a recent visit to Parliament, TAP Executive President Ramiro Sequeira stated that the measures have a “positive liability” with “more than 300 candidacies” within the various modalities, but without discriminating against them. After the emergency agreements, through which around 1,200 jobs were saved, the company identified a further 800 jobs as “surplus”.

Voluntary membership measures include early retirement and early retirement schemes, as well as voluntary terminations (there is still unpaid leave and part-time work). In addition to the statutory provisions, the latter include an increase of 25% and a bonus of 2.5 salaries up to the limit of 250,000 euros with access to unemployment benefits. In cases where the amount payable to the employee exceeds 50,000 euros, TAP divides the amount into three years: 40% in the first year and 30% in each of the following two years (with a bonus of 5%). .

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