Lar de Reguengos: Members of the Ordem dos Médicos can be accused of deontological responsibility Coronavirus

Members of the Order of Doctors and Unions who have recommended clinicians from the Alentejo Central Health Center Group and hospitals in the area to invoke the illegality of helping users of the Reguengos de Monsaraz home may be charged with deontological responsibility. 16 residents, one employee and one person from the community were killed in the outbreak.

The Minister of Health asked the General Inspection of Health Activities (IGAS) “to submit to the competent authority the report on facts that can be held deontologically responsible by members of the Order of Doctors and Trade Unions involved,” said a note from Marta’s office Temido released this Monday.

Seven months after the covid-19 outbreak in the house of Reguengos de Monsaraz, the conclusions of the investigation Marta Temido requested from IGAS in August are finally known.

IGAS concluded that hospitals in the area were failing to fulfill their mandate because they failed to ensure the physical presence of their internal medicine doctors, “a situation that affected the management of the outbreak,” but noted that ” The poor cooperation did not mean an “increased risk or increased loss” for the residents of the house.

He concluded that the eventual disciplinary accountability of the regional health authority is already mandatory and that it cannot be brought to the attention of those responsible for the Alentejo regional health administration and the local health authority.

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