The People’s Youth elects Francisco Camacho as their new leader, who promises to mobilize the local authorities CDS-PP

The National People’s Youth Congress (JP), which took place online, elected the only candidate Francisco Camacho as the new president on Sunday, who took over the structure as a “catalyst” for the CDS-PP and promised to mobilize in this year’s local elections.

The conclusion of the XXIV National Congress of JP had the speech of the President of the CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, who led this party youth between 2015 and 2020, a position he gave up when he took over the leadership of The Party was temporarily replaced by Francisco Mota, who no longer works.

“Here at JP, an idea is not exchanged for a favor, a value for a place, a betrayal for an opportunity. If the soul does not stick to the mission at JP, the feeling of belonging is lost, ”warned Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, who regarded Francisco Camacho as a“ faithful keeper of these values ​​”.

In his victory speech, the new president of this youth party defended that Congress – which was held online due to the pandemic – “has proven that there is a JP who does not retreat or throw in the towel, who will be here too.” ” with the party, for our tomorrow and for the reconstruction of the country. “” In 2021 they will have a JP who is very mobilized for the community challenge, a JP who will be on the street and who wants to build the mind for each of the realities where she is inserted she wants the communities and one Give JP answers with candidates and good candidates, ”he promised.

Francisco Camacho said he believed that “JP can also be the catalyst the party needs, with participation, with an agenda and with unity”. “You can count on that: with a JP who makes a decisive contribution to reacting to the future of the country, more with measures than with lyrical statements, with ideology and with practical consequences,” he promised and still left the guarantee of a party structure loyal to.

The idea that “party youths are not used to wave flags” but “to awaken ideas, put forward proposals for the new generations and support the party in all tasks of contact with the voters” was previously defended by the CDS president – PP, for whom they are “the main figure in the political struggle of modern and democratic law that the CDS represents”.

According to the information sent to the media, the only candidate Francisco Camacho was elected President of the National Political Commission on the second of the two days of the Congress with 203 votes and 12 blank votes, that is, 95% of the votes. JP’s new president is 27 years old, a lawyer and legal advisor and mayor of the Alvalade Parish Assembly in Lisbon.

On February 22nd, it was announced that this weekend this congress will be held digitally, a meeting originally scheduled for November 28th and 29th, 2020 in Braga, but suspended a few days earlier due to the worsening of the pandemic and measures to contain the state of emergency.

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