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For the first time, a song in English won the Song Festival. This has never happened before. Love is on my side, from The Black Mamba, Pedro Tatanka’s band, won the final of this year’s edition of the competition, the 55th this Saturday evening. There were nine other songs in the competition: Karetus and Romeu Barios com Saudade, Joana Alegre with Joana do Mar, Fábia Maia with Dia Lindo, Valéria with Na tiefster Saudade, Carolina Deslandes with Por a triz, NEEV with Dancing in the Stars, Pedro Gonçalves com I will not stay, Sara Afonso with Contramão and EU.CLIDES with Volte-Face .

The Black Mamba from Sintra will therefore travel to Rotterdam in the Netherlands to represent Portugal at Eurovision after no ceremony last year. The winning song was linked to Por a triz by Carolina Deslandes, and the public vote served as a tiebreaker with a higher score for the Black Mamba. Third place was Dancing in the Stars by NEEV.

The ceremony was performed by Inês Lopes Gonçalves and Vasco Palmeirim. Inês Lopes Gonçalves, the current host from 5 to midnight, spoke to the participants in the green room. With the presenters, he also took part in the musical parodies, such as the one that opened the night with a reminder of the rendering of Carlos Paião and the one that took place towards the end of the ceremony, which lasted until after midnight. Collection of the 64th anniversary from RTP.

In addition to the themes for the competition, there was space to honor, through the votes of Ricardo Ribeiro, Ana Moura and Camané in a first phase and then Dino D’Santiago, Carlos do Carmo, a voice that disappeared last December Year who performed all the songs in the 1976 edition of the festival. And not only.

The 50th anniversary of the recording of three fundamental albums of the intervention song in Portugal in Paris was also celebrated: Cantigas do Maio by José Afonso, Times Change, Times Change by José Mário Branco and Os Survivors by Sérgio Godinho (entitled O Charlatão as José Mário Branco, bearing in mind that he also appears on Sérgio Godinho’s album). This from the clans in recourse, in addition to Manuela Azevedo, lead singer of the band, the voices of Cláudia Pascoal, winner of the Festival da Canção 2018, and Filipe Sambado, who was close to victory last year. Sérgio Godinho joined the party to sing Maré Alta and then O Novo Normal, a new song with them. Elisa, last year’s winner who ultimately didn’t go to Eurovision, came on stage to sing Medo de Sentir, the song by Marta Carvalho with which she won the festival.

There were some technical problems when the regional judges showed up. Rui Massena, who represented the north some distance away, had to wait until the end to be able to speak some distance away. In addition to Massena, Surma represented the Centro region, Tim the Alentejo, Aurea the Algarve, Noémia Gonçalves a Madeira and Nelson Cabral the Azores.

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