Rua das Pretas in Coliseu will debut as a television series song

The association of the Rua das Pretas project with the Coliseu dos Recreios de Lisboa, which began with a concert in June 2020, has now reached a new level: empty due to the limitation dictated by the pandemic, the mythical space on Rua das Portas de Santo Antão serves as the stage and the setting for a series of twelve episodes that will premier shortly on RTP1, at a date yet to be defined. The Brazilian singer-songwriter Pierre Aderne, creator of the project and animator since he settled in Lisbon years ago, explains to the PUBLIC that the structure of the Rua das Pretas should be maintained as a musical meeting, but with special guests:

“We recorded the first six episodes at the Colosseum fifteen days ago, two a day, to optimize production and minimize costs. And the other six will be filming them later this month. “There is no specific date for the premiere, but it is possible that it can take place until the end of March.

“The idea is to keep the same structure that the Rua das Pretas, with this sociology of the tavern, with the capital of Portuguese-speaking music in Lisbon, telling stories through the songs and receiving guests with greater projection in Portugal.” This logic led to the choice of the first six: “Paulo de Carvalho and Tito Paris are the first two,” says Pierre. “Then come Maria João, Rita Redshoes, Pedro Moutinho and Tiago Nacarato.” It was Pierre’s first meeting with Paulo de Carvalho: “And it was fantastic, unbelievable. He first asked, “Are we going to start with a samba or a bossa?” Then Fred Martins started playing Desafinado and he sang with a Brazilian accent … Then there was Meninos do Huambo, Lisboa girls and girls … “

“It’s like playing in an empty maracanã”

In the various episodes there is a group of musicians who remain permanent: In addition to Pierre, this group includes Fred Martins, Walter Areia, Nilson Dourado, Augusto Britto, Rui Poço, Joana Amendoeira and Karla da Silva. “It was very interesting to see this whole group weakened and to have the opportunity to play in an empty maracanã. Because everyone in the world appeared on the stage of the Colosseum in Lisbon, from João Gilberto, Caetano, Amália. We looked for some of these references in the repertoire and built a Portuguese house with Paulo de Carvalho [que Amália cantou e João Gilberto também, precisamente no Coliseu, em 1984] In addition to Joana Amendoeira, some new generation Fado singers also took part, including Matilde Cid, Diana Vilarinho and Sara Paixão. “


For Maria João they even created a new song, inspired by a story that happened to her: “I made this song for Maria João with Francis Hime, known as Pé-de-Meia, from a conversation with Carlos do Carmo with her the Colosseum: “So, did you make your nest egg?” And she posted this on Facebook: “Senhor Carlos do Carlos, we in jazz can’t make a nest egg.” I found it so curious that I wrote a text and Francis Hime set it to music. We also have partnerships with Gabriel Moura, with Pedro Luís, in short, we created some dynamism there and had fun for a few days. “

Pierre Aderne, a replica of the previous formats, particularly likes Pierre Aderne: “It’s a format I’ve always dreamed of: to fill these huge theaters with our intimate piece. The idea is to film the second season afterwards with the theaters open so people can have an idea of ​​what it was like without people and what it will be like with people involved. “

New collector disc in 2021

The organization of the series, which includes other partnerships in addition to Coliseu and RTP, adds Pierre: “We have partnered with BRO Filmes by Mário Patrocínio, and I am co-director of the series with the young André Caniços director at BRO, who made music videos for this more Portuguese pop group, Carolina Deslandes, Carlão and others. And Carlos Fuchs, a Carioca who lives in Porto and who produced the records for Pedro Miranda and Pedro Luís, takes care of the audio and mix. “

And this work opened up in a project that started the first joint album in 2018 and the second in January, the possibility for the start of a third album on the Rua das Pretas, based on the current records: “The sound was so good, that we decided to release an album Rua das Pretas Coliseu with 12 tracks. The day after each episode, we will be releasing a single for the 12 weeks that the TV show lasts. And we started an independent crowdfunding so that the people on the Rua das Pretas website can contribute to this project. “

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