Portuguese music she likes: Carlos Neves – “Love of Birds” | Video

We arrived early, looked at this alley with colorful trees and said: That’s it. We went to him in the garage behind the building next door where he had the sidewalk – it would be easy and lazy to record there, but it would never be the same. The cinema has this dreamlike side. The choice of this location changed everything.

The love for the birds and what he said was always the same, whether we or a reporting team. But we don’t ask questions, we want to hear and we want to make you dream. And this picture leads us to so many pages. And that’s it: the project is pluralistic, involves people, has social interventions, produces knowledge, documents culture, but there are other things too. It is also theater and painting and, above all, cinema.

P3 regularly shares some videos of the A Música Portuguesa a Gostar Dela project, selected by the author Tiago Pereira.

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