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Have you ever thought about how to make a child’s day happier and more colorful? The Espalhar Magia Movement (MEM) began with the same goal: institutions and hospitals that welcome children, add color and make them “believe in themselves and not lose hope”. The idea came from the writer and director of short films, Rute Simões, and from her experience with her three children: “We always read a story at night, sometimes I read books, sometimes I made it up. The problem is, they wanted me to tell the stories from two or three nights ago and I couldn’t remember. “And thanks to that family moment, the book When the World Lost Its Color was published.

At the same time that the book was being written, composed and published, the idea of ​​creating the MEM, which has everything in common with the book, came up in 2019. “The Espalhar Magia movement came about after a very intense desire of mine to read this story to all children, not just my children, who are the heroes of the story, but other children as well. Because the message I send in the book, besides believing in magic, is also to make children believe in themselves, even when they are told that they cannot or that it is difficult. And I think it’s a very important message to send to children, ”he explains.

“MEM was really born out of an informal conversation with my sister-in-law. I shared a desire to bring the book to all children, but to start with those in institutions. Then the problem arose: How do you get books to institutions? And the idea arose to create “godparents” who could offer the book and write a message for the children. At the time I laughed thinking no one would agree, but we decided to give it a try. Obviously we started with family and close friends and suddenly we had strangers who wanted to sponsor a book, write news and invite other people to help, ”says the movement’s author and creator with a smile on her face.

Author Rute Simões with the book “When the world has lost its color” DR

How can you become a godfather? “It’s very simple. Anyone can send a message on Facebook or Instagram and say” I want to be “. They offer the book and send me the message they want to write to the child. Then I print on self-adhesive paper and we do will deliver it to the institutions, ”he replies.

“In the beginning, before we got into a pandemic, the idea was not just to get the book along with the message, but to pay attention and spend time with these kids: we read the story and encourage reading, we do activities and we stayed for two or three hours with the kids. We were lucky enough to have Domino’s support, we took the children’s pizza and it was a party day for them, ”says Rute Simões.

If the detention and state of emergency ended a lot, it didn’t stop MEM from continuing to cheer the children. “In our first detention there was a short stop because we found ourselves in a new situation without knowing what it was. But as soon as the detention was over, I thought ‘no, this can’t stop’ and we moved on. We cannot enter the facilities, but we can bring the book and the message to the children, ”he says.

In just one year, the Espalhar Magia movement has sponsored 20 institutions and more than 230 children. “I’m always touched by everything we’ve already achieved,” she says emotionally. “I don’t want children to lose their color,” he concludes.

The book “When the world has lost its color” DR

Text edited by Bárbara Wong

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