Detention is in “erosion”: more than 59% of Portuguese took to the streets on Friday | Coronavirus

On Friday March 5, 59.3% of Portuguese took to the streets – the highest mobility figure since January 15, just 17 percentage points lower than pre-pandemic mobility. The numbers were compiled by data science consultancy PSE, which notes that the trend towards greater mobility has been increasing on Friday since Jan 22nd.

It’s a “clear sign that the second” lockdown “is eroding, the increase in the number of times we leave the house each week,” the PSE team noted in a statement sent to newsrooms this Saturday.

While only 12% of people left the house within 6 or 7 days in the fourth and fifth weeks of childbirth, the figure rose to 20% in the first week of March (the eighth week of childbirth).

Friday is the day to take to the streets

However, the data advisor points out that the mobility of the Portuguese was increasing on Friday.

“Fridays are always the most mobile days. This trend also applies in connection with a pandemic and especially with this second lockdown, ”explains the PSE team. Normally, the normal circulation on Fridays before March 2020 was 76%. Only about 41% of the population circulated during the first delivery.

The analysis of the PSE body is based on a continuous collection of data carried out by monitoring the location and means of travel using mobile application of a sample of 3670 people representative of the Portuguese universe over 15 years old and living in the regions of the Grande Porto , Greater Lisbon, North Coast, Central Coast and Faro District.

Bus stop in Lisbon at the end of February Rui Gaudencio

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