Debut film Pilar Palomero is the big winner of the Goya | movie theater

Newcomer Pilar Palomero’s film stole the statuettes for the best film, the new production, the original script and the direction of the photography.

Spanish media reports that the film Las Niñas, the first work by director Pilar Palomero, was the big winner of the Goya Awards ceremony on Saturday night, which was dedicated to Spanish cinema. “It was finally turned into a movie of the year. The most exciting gala for the most exciting band, ”wrote El Mundo. And El País titled: “Las Niñas are doing great at the Goya Awards 2021.” In another text, entitled “A Recognition of Independent Cinema and Women”, the latest newspaper added: “This Goya recognizes a film made by a newcomer, made in 1992 by a women’s team and about teenagers at a nuns school At the same time, it will increase independent production and distribution, which not only stole the lead role in major productions during those months, but were also critical in keeping the cinemas alive. “

In El Paí’s reports, Pilar Palomero is the fifth director to receive the award for best film – and first woman – after Agustín Díaz Yanes, Alejandro Amenábar, Achero Mañas and Raúl Arévalo. Daniela Cajías was also the first woman to win directing photography.

The night was also historic for the attribution of the first Goya to a black actor: Adam Nourou won in the category of interpreter of revelation as the protagonist of Adú by Salvador Calvo. The film, shot in Africa, received three other awards, including best film. The film with the most statuettes was Akelarre by the Argentine Pablo Agüero for the best actress award for Amaia Aberasturi and for the best artistic direction for Mikel Serrano and three others.

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