Amanda Gorman, sensational poet in the USA, denounces racism against the USA

Amanda Gorman, the 22-year-old African American poet who “captured the moment” and “brought the world together” when President Joe Biden was inaugurated in January, denounced her alleged racial discrimination. On the social network Twitter, Gorman reported that she was followed to the entrance of her home in the California city of Los Angeles on Friday evening by a private security officer who wanted to know where the young artist lived. “You have a suspicious aspect,” the individual justified. The poet will have shown his house keys to prove that he resided in the building in question, and the security guard will have left without apologizing for the incident.

“This is the reality of black girls. One day you are an icon, the next day you are a threat, ”Gorman wrote on Twitter. “In a way, he was right. I am a threat: a threat to injustice, inequality, ignorance. Anyone who tells the truth and leaves with hope is an obvious and fatal threat to power, ”he added in another message on this social network.

The young black woman was catapulted to star a little over a month ago when she was the youngest person to say a poem at the inauguration of a president in the United States. Weeks later, in February, he recited another poem in the Super Bowl, the final of the American football championship, the most watched television event in the country.

International interest in Gorman’s work has also grown. Created by a single mother in an environment of economic disadvantage, she has a degree in sociology and is now being wooed by both publishers and modeling agencies. But not without controversy. This week, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, a respected literary name in the Netherlands who won the 2020 International Booker Prize, moved away from the project to translate Gorman’s poems into Dutch after the publisher heavily criticized it on social media when it questioned a white person elected.

The publisher Meulenhoff was of the opinion that Rijneveld, who identifies himself as a non-binary person, was “the dream person for the translation”. However, the election was seen as yet another example of the black artist’s role being dropped, and Rijneveld voluntarily withdrew from the project.

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