“País Tansado”, a song against the fear of the times in which we live

A person in a mask whose face cannot be deciphered, empty streets and closed windows that repeat themselves over and over again show a “tired country”. It is a scenario, although it is already habitual, that keeps impressing. The black and white of the pictures roughly shows the darkness, the emptiness and the loneliness. At the same time we hear: “I saw the sun go down in this tired land and never rise. I have seen the sea dry and never again to inherit this weary land ”.

The idea, explains musician and composer César Magalhães, has been around since April 2020, but has only now taken shape. “I realized I was going in a new direction and it made sense. Not just because it becomes a structural thing, but now the threat becomes something almost circular, cyclical, that repeats itself. And it scares me, ”he initially explains to P3.

He devoted three months to the project, as did Rosamusgo, who gave him his voice, and João Passos, who made the studio available. He wrote the lyrics and walked the empty streets of Viana do Castelo, Lisbon, Porto, Évora or Coimbra for the video. “The idea was to recreate the whole idea of ​​a country, short, gagged, limited.”

The video clip is a mystery and at the same time the mirror of 2020 and 2021. For César Magalhães it is a warning. “I am very afraid that fear will become a normalized modality. May people get used to this new lifestyle (…), accept it even though it destroys us from within in various ways. That is why we are reconfiguring a society to solve one problem and marginalize everyone else. “Fear, fear, loneliness and pain add some drama and, above all, evoke reflection on the present and the uncertainty of the future. Because “who comes to make a flower out of the ashes until the sun dances”?

There’s a light that turns on in the dark, a clock that marks the elapsed time, and frames that remind you of different times. All of these elements, he explains, are linked to the idea of ​​hope. “There is an allusion to April 25th and various moments in history, that is, this is a replica of the crises that have already occurred and, basically, our response to crises. However, this dialectic is currently uncertain. We knew how April 25th ended, it ended in freedom. We don’t know how this will end. “

César Magalhães comes from Vila Praia de Âncora. The passion for music, his field of study, began early. Songs for official entities, for shows or with a learned character are some of his stages. The tired country, which has been available on YouTube since February 13, is one of the many themes he has composed, and also the most interventionist one, “almost like Zeca Afonso,” as he describes it.

Text edited by Amanda Ribeiro

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