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With the land restricted again, consumers had to change their buying habits. When physical stores are impossible to visit, stick with ecommerce. This new reality not only took effect in 2020, it has remained. Due to traffic restrictions and most Portuguese teleworking, many people visit the platforms “in the dead” and end up buying products. Technology, clothing, electrical accessories or cosmetics, the activity works as a hobby that is addicting in the long run. In general, the practice of consumption has already been entrenched in a large segment of the population, and online trading has only accentuated it. It is available on festive and other dates, especially when, in certain cases, deliveries are made within half an hour.

International Women’s Day is celebrated on Monday March 8th and is a good opportunity to buy something. In the huge online retail market, beauty products are among the most sought-after. Proof of this are platforms like Insania, which are growing between 5 and 10%, or KuantoKusta, which is seeing the perfume category grow by 41% over the same period last year. The pandemic saw rapid growth in this type of trade, which is still impressing brands a year later. “It is impressive in the sense that the profile of the buyer and the type of product he has bought change,” explains AUDIENCE Carlota Feijó, Account Manager at the consulting firm Press Media.

Insania includes consumers between the ages of 18 and over 60, but the 30 to 55 range is the most noticeable. The demand for products among women (66.6%) is greater than that among men (33.4%), which leads to differences in the type of product and advertising. If sales of beauty products reached an average transaction value of 35 euros last year, sales this year will almost double, according to the report. And for this, betting on advertising campaigns has proven to be essential. “Promoting beauty and aesthetic products to the female audience always produces good results,” the company explains in the report.

Finding products that can offer the ideal of beauty and aesthetics makes it the female audience that buys the most. On notable dates like Women’s Day, that demand is even greater. You buy with the intention of being “gifts for yourself”. However, on a day when women are “honored”, the brand also uses “campaigns for men” to remind them of the date and of course so that they don’t forget to buy a gift or souvenir to symbolize it very special day for women. “

The price comparison company KuantoKusta is pursuing the same strategy with its special campaign for Women’s Day. “In campaigns with a predominantly female audience, the budgets are always being increased this season,” the report says. Last week, female audience participation (25 and 34 years old) in health and beauty campaigns reached 33%.

Coffrets and creams are the most in demand

Although both Insania and Kuanto Kusta present a wide range of products, health and beauty are the most sought-after areas during special times of the year. In general, the female audience is looking for jewelry, one of the most common products bought by Insania consumers. “Necklaces and bracelets with amulets or inspiring phrases are just as much in demand as wellness products such as massage devices, bath salts and essential oils, probably because we are at home and there is more time for moments of relaxation.”

At KuantoKusta there was an increase of 67% compared to the previous week. For the users of the platform, there is beauty in the form of cosmetic and cream colored coffrets that have grown by 706% and 163% respectively.

Another reason that explains the surge in demand for these items is their prices, which, when appealing, are bought in bulk “perhaps because users fear that everything is running out and they have no other solution or none Find another store to buy quickly, ”emphasizes the Madness Report.

Physical activity is one of the expanding areas

Insania data shows that health has become increasingly important to women. This year, decorative items and “niche products” such as bread makers have given way to new consumer trends. The restriction makes it impossible to go to the gym and even exercise regularly outdoors, which explains the recent surge in sales of posture correctors and fitness equipment such as treadmills and bicycles, which are “competitively priced, and perhaps also because they are useful accessories Doing so will “Improve Your Home Exercise”, are more visible to those who are looking to pursue or begin a healthier lifestyle.

As early as April last year, the platform noticed great demand for accessories and fitness equipment. “The fitness equipment has been very successful since the birth last year. This band started around April / May 2020 when people felt closed at home without being able to exercise, ”says Carlota Feijó.

The sales boom occurs on festive dates when companies create personalized items. Ecommerce is here to stay and Paulo Pimenta, CEO of KuantoKusta, argues that empowering and investing in the environment is vital: “The digital transition and business adaptation is very important as most of them are the only way to survive. All the people who do street and face-to-face trading have no way of selling them if they don’t have one online right now. “

Text edited by Bárbara Wong

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