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Although the British royal family is new every other day, they are known for their discretion. No wonder, then, that every time a relevant member agrees to give an exclusive interview with millionaire deals in advertising and radio, television madness reigns, as is the case with Prince Harry and the Meghan woman who agreed to Answer questions from North American Oprah Winfrey. ITV, for example, paid £ 1 million the next day in the UK for the rights to broadcast the show.

However, journalists and writers who have specialized in royal affairs over the years fear that this interview is just another nail in the coffin of a monarchy that, despite the majority support, more and more Commonwealth citizens say they are on their feet the grave.

For example, former editor of The International Who’s Who, Richard Fitzwilliams, reminded The Independent that real interviews “very rarely end well.” And the story matches, according to an excerpt from the Reuters news agency:

Queen Elizabeth the second

The 94-year-old monarch, who served 69 years in reign, never gave an official interview despite appearing in television documentaries about her family and discussing issues related to certain aspects of real life for the BBC, particularly The Royal Family. The 110-minute film was watched by 30 million people in 1969 and remains one of the most watched television programs in the UK. However, the result did not please the Queen and was put in a drawer by the BBC in 1972 under pressure from Isabel II. Recently, after the documentary was screened on The Crown series, the film was dropped on YouTube.

A BBC spokesperson declined to comment on the video’s sudden resurgence on CNN, but the company failed to refute reports that it had filed a complaint that resulted in the removal of YouTube content. “If there is a copyright complaint, we’ll remove the content immediately,” YouTube told CNN.

Prince Charles and Diana (1981)

Shortly after the engagement announcement, the now 72-year-old Crown Prince and future wife Diana Spencer gave a television interview to learn more details about their relationship. In the end, they were asked how they felt. Carlos said: “Simply delighted and happy, I am amazed that she was brave enough to accept me.” And the interviewer tried to finish: “And I suppose in love”. Diana replied immediately: “Sure.” But Carlos hesitated: “Whatever love means, you can make your own interpretation.” Years later, Diana described this moment as traumatic.

Prince Charles (1994)

In a television interview that followed years of speculation about his marriage to Diana, the Crown Prince confessed to having committed adultery. He admitted cheating on Diana, whom he married in 1981, in a prime-time interview with Jonathan Dimbleby that attracted around 15 million viewers. But she shied away from responding to an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, whom she described as a “great friend” (whom she would marry in 2005).

When asked whether he had remained true to his marriage vows, the Prince of Wales replied in the affirmative, with the exception: “Until [o casamento] to be hopelessly lost. “In addition, the prince complained about being followed by the press, accusing him of turning them into characters in a ‘soap opera’.

Princess Diana (1995)

Probably the most famous real interview: Diana spoke to journalist Martin Bashir about an interview with BBC Panorama in 1995. During the show, which had more than 20 million viewers in the UK alone, the princess died in a car accident in Paris two years later, at the age of 36, he admitted an extramarital affair and disclosed confidential information about the failure of his marriage Prince Charles. The phrase for the story: “There were three of us at this wedding”, referring to the current Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince André (2019)

After much speculation about his relationship with US financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged with sex crimes, particularly those involving minors, 61-year-old Prince André gave an interview to the BBC. This was viewed as a disaster, however, leading to more negative headlines about his association with Epstein, who killed himself in an American prison while awaiting trial for sex trafficking.

André, eighth on the throne, denied claims he had sex with a 17-year-old girl Epstein introduced him to, saying he was at a restaurant in the town of Woking for a kids’ party on the night in question.

He also said that he suffered from an illness that prevented him from sweating and cast doubt on the authenticity of a photo showing him with his arm around the alleged victim’s waist. After the interview, charities and other organizations distanced themselves from the prince, who was forced to renounce public duties, saying the situation had significantly disrupted the work of the royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan (2019)

While not a formal interview, both 36-year-old Harry and 39-year-old Meghan spoke separately to ITV journalist Tom Bradby during their 2019 trip to Africa. And the result couldn’t have been worse: the revelations will have caused the bitterness in Harry and Willliam’s relationship. In addition, many in the UK did not appreciate Meghan’s demeanor, blaming her for playing the victim. Shortly afterwards, the couple announced their departure from royal duties.

After all, not all interviews were a disaster. The exception is for Princess Ana, 70 years old.

Princess Ana (1980)

Isabel and Filipe’s second daughter, born before the accession to the throne, gave an interview with Michael Parkinson in 1980. Princess Ana introduced herself as an open and good-natured person, which earned her a lot of praise.

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