Mistrust in different rates and by region. For Rui Rio it is possible | Covid-19

PSD President Rui Rio repeated on Friday the idea he had left behind at the end of a hearing with the President of the Republic after the last expert meeting at Infarmed: It is possible to assume different rates depending on the region whenever the development of Die Pandemic justifies this and it is desirable that the decontamination plan include this hypothesis.

“I understand that there has to be a plan for restriction and deconfiguration, in this case a national one, but if the whole area is not homogeneous we can carry out different deconfigurations depending on the region,” said the social democrat. from the HQ party in Porto, where he met with representatives of the Bread and Water Movement, which brings together business people from restaurants, retail, hotels and events.

On February 24, Rio said that “if the situation goes on for too long,” a way should be sought to “stop punishing regions in the country that may be punished by national values”. He also asked: “If I can quickly decriminalize the young people of Évora and Beja, why shouldn’t I?”

Well, and while Rio defends the idea of ​​returning to normal at different rates, he adds that in terms of regions, it is best not to go to the community level, stating that he appears to have been warned, to do so deflation by “more regions”.

The statements of the PSD leader appear on the day on which the weekly expresso states that the government has already received the first draft of the decontamination plan, which it has consulted by a group of experts, and that this document provides for the possibility of action at national and national level to take international level. at regional level, depending on the development of the epidemiological situation and taking into account criteria such as mass tests and screening campaigns.

Expresso recalls that the Prime Minister himself recently said that deflation will be “gradual, progressive, differentiated according to types of activity, possibly differentiated according to location, always linked to objective criteria”. Restoring the idea already voiced by several ministers that deflation will start in schools, the newspaper advocates that this can happen even in March (daycare and preschool), but acknowledges that the plan is not yet complete. With Lusa

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